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FAQ #15 – Does BDSM play with urethral sounds hurt?

Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit, 8 Piece

Urethral sounds are actually medical devices designed to stretch the urethra, primarily to remove obstructions or allow for the passing of kidney stones.  Not very sexy, huh?  Well, they can be.  I have no idea who or when the first person was to decide, hey, this could be a kinky thing to do, but someone did and many find the process pleasurable.  As a Dominant, the idea of violating that specific hole is a turn on.  A power trip.  As a bottom or sub, you either like the way it feels or you don’t.  Many men find it very erotic and many have described the feeling as “being fucked from the inside”.  Some say the sensation is similar to masturbation, only more intense.  Others find it uncomfortable and unpleasant.  It just depends on the individual.

Part of the thrill of sounds for a sub is the absolute power exchange.  How more out of control can you be than to be tied down and made to watch a Dominatrix insert a steel stick into your cock?  For some it is the ultimate CBT.   For others it is purely erotic.  It is common to hear that the first orgasm after sounding is explosive and particularly intense.  With today’s devices made specifically for BDSM play, there is something for almost everyone.  The standard medical sounds themselves come in several different shapes and achieve different sensations.  In addition there are silicone sounds which are flexible, vibrating sounds and even electrified sounds.

Sounds play is not for beginners and before playing with a Dominant, make sure they know their business.  If done improperly, there is risk of irritation or tearing of the urethral lining.  Scar tissue may be encountered that may cause discomfort or bleeding – although usually not serious, this can be alarming.  There is also risk of infection if the sounds are not properly sanitized or if unsafe practices are used that allow contamination.  Sounds play can be great fun for both the Domme and the sub, but it is a type of play where experience matters.

The Venus 2000 – Domination in Atlanta is at a whole new level

My arsenal of “weapons” against you just got a  little bit bigger and a whole lot more interesting.  Introducing the Venus 2000:  It’s been called the ultimate milking machine and the male sybian.  Whatever you choose to call it, I am sure tease and denial will never be the same.  Completely hands free and state of the art, the Venus 2000 is one of a kind.

Imagine.  Strapped to the St. Andrews cross,  you have been taunted and teased to the point you are desperate and begging.  Can you take more?  you don’t think so, but I think you can.  As I slowly connect you to the Venus 2000, I explain how it is going to feel and how I am going to vary the speed so release is impossible.  How long will it take before you start to negotiate?  What will you promise Me?  I hold the remote and the key to your ecstasy or your continued torment.  Ecstasy.  Torment.  Can you tell the difference anymore?

Or . . .   you are tied to the bondage bed, completely unable to move.  The electrical from My Eros Tek is already working its magic.  As I slip on the Venus 2000 receiver, you don’t think you can hold out much longer.  I tell you that’s alright with Me.  I want to see exactly how much I can get out of you and how many times.  After number 3, you beg Me to stop, but I simply smother you with My latex covered ass to stop the complaining – and turn the dials once again.

Maybe  even . . .  secured in the swing, you are spread, exposed and completely vulnerable.  The head massager is slipped into place and the intensity starts to build.  I’ve left you alone for a bit.  I have things to do.  As My stilettos click across the floor, you look over to see a new piece of hardware strapped to Me.  Yes, bitch, I am going to make you Mine.

To My knowledge, I have the only Venus 2000 in the Atlanta area.  Are you ready to submit?  you may never be the same.  To book, visit My Contact page and complete the application.

To learn more about the Venus 2000, visit their website.

Topping from the bottom – “How to mess up perfection”

Ayn and caroline 4Topping from the bottom is when a sub or bottom attempts to control the scene.  This can have the effect of diminishing or destroying the power exchange, which is what the D/s part of BDSM is all about for Me.  In fact, many would argue that is what all of BDSM is about.  Most subs have done it at one point or another – often without realizing it. When it is subtle or infrequent, many Tops can overlook it, but if it becomes pervasive or intrusive, the Dom/Domme should put the proverbial foot down.

What follows is one subs reflection on his behavior and the aftermath of My saying enough is enough. One of the ways he processes information is by journaling. He sent Me this entry and asked that I post it on My blog so others might gain insight from it.  I respect, not only his willingness to share, but his ability to say he was wrong.

How to mess up perfection

As a greedy litte slut i couldn’t leave well enough alone. Everyone knows that one shouldn’t top from the bottom but what does that really mean?

Well it is a lot more than just talking out in session, it’s whining to the Mistress and asking for things, emailing her with your useless fantasies in other words trying to preplan the session by making suggestions and setting session expectations.

So what happens when a greedy little slut starts to take too much time thinking and planning a session in their head?

Well a few things happen and they are all the unfortunate results of trying to mentally top from the bottom weeks before the session. Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations, not some sub. Subs is session are not entitled to having expectations. When you are preplanning in your head you are ruining the session, because you can never actually immerse yourself in the session.

When you were a child did you ever find your presents and open them before the big day? Remember the disappointment when they knew you had looked around, peeked where you shouldn’t have? Well preplanning what you want in the scene in one’s head is just such a bad idea. It ruins the scene, insults your Domme and guts the Magic from the session. You have possibly just ruined the best session that you might ever have. Your Domme has spent a considerable amount of time deciding where She will take you during a session and now all Her work is ruined, and that is your fault.

Imagine how you feel when your Mistress opens the door and you see what She is wearing. It is pretty amazing isn’t it?

So if why would a selfish greedy little slut waste time preplanning what you imagine / want in your head when the job of a sub/slut, whatever you call yourself, is to show up and serve at your Mistress’s pleasure.

Remember the manta of seeing a Domme,, tell the Domme your limits and then go along for the ride. The code words, your safe words, will protect you.

i have learned my lesson, when arriving at a session it is now with an open mind clear of ideas, and plans on how things should be. we are the amateurs leave the Session to the Professionals.

Anonymous sub

Returning to Washington, DC – March 3rd – 6th

Ayn 3 sheets couchOnce again I am planning on staying one day longer than usual, so hopefully the weather will cooperate this time and no one will be disappointed.  My visits to the Nation’s Capitol almost always book completely, so don’t delay if you are not already on My calendar.

As always I will be bringing a full array of toys to satisfy the corporal enthusiast, the sissy and the medical fetishists.  I also have a couple of new electrical attachments for the Eros Tek that are very amusing.

For those not familiar with My interests, here is what’s in store:

  • Body Worship – Respectful feet, legs and ass
  • Bondage – from the light to the extreme
  • CBT (Cock and ball torment)
  • Corporal Punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, whips, etc.
  • Electro torture/stimulation (ErosTek)
  • Face sitting and smothering
  • Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
  • Foot Fetish – including boot and shoe worship
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Medical Play – including naughty exams, sounds, enema play, stretching
  • Nipple torture
  • Strap on Worship / Training
  • Tease and Denial
  • Toilet training – golden only
  • Trampling
  • Sensory deprivation/sensory overload
  • Wax play

Jimmy Choos editRecent reviews from DC area subs:

Foot domination, CBT and forced cum eating – posted by ragman on Max Fisch

Roleplay – Secretary turns the tables on a misogynist boss – posted by italsub on Max Fisch

Slut training, nipple torment, golden shower – posted by slut steve on The Mistress Review

A special treat for you shoe and foot fetishists: I will be bringing a new pair of  Jimmy Choo pumps (compliments of a DC sub).  They look fabulous with RHT stockings!  Most any fetish can be accommodated, but if you are looking for something special, ask now before the packing is done. Once again I will be hosting in the Arlington/Crystal City area.

Washington DC schedule:  Monday, March 3rd starting at 11:00am until Thursday, March 6th late.

My last visit to DC was fully booked, so don’t miss out this time.  Click here to complete an application.

Photo shoot at 3 Sheets

Mistress Ayn 3 sheets piano framed

I was among the first 5 people to sign this piano shortly after 3 Sheets opened in Sandy Springs over 3 years ago.  It’s been one of My favorite hang outs ever since.  Recently I had the opportunity to be photographed there and, of course, I had to get a shot on the piano.  You can see My name just below My hand in the photo.  So stop in sometime and you just might find Me at one of the posh tables sipping a freshly made Bellini.  At any rate, tell Ryan, Jon or Tony that Mistress Ayn sent you.  They are sure to take good care of you, whether you mention My name or not.

{3Sheets} Website

 Other photos from the shoot:

Ayn gold wall 3

Ayn 3 sheets on bar

Mistress Ayn 3 sheets piano crop

The Isolation Room at Atlanta Dungeon – the stuff nightmares are made of

Mistress Ayn - InterrogationIt’s a gritty hole of a space.  Concrete floors, cinder block walls – and no one can hear your screams – at least no one that cares.  It’s the perfect room for an interrogation scene, a little alone time with your own imagination or a magnificent MindFuck.  I have used it for all of those things.  Most recently Mistress Ultra Violet and I filmed a segment of a multi-part clip that involves reprogramming a corporate thug.  Strung up against the rubber covered wall, We tortured his cock while We made him confess all his sins against Women.  It was the perfect place to really get his attention.

In the past I have used the room for water boarding, electro torture, heavy beat downs and of course, isolation and abandonment.  Imagine being blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location.  The engine stops and you feel two sets of hands pull you from the car and lead you . . . where?  The blindfold comes off and you are momentarily blinded by the bright light.  As your eyes adjust you see chains hanging from the wall and ceiling.  There is a a toilet and a basin.  Is it a prison?  Is it hell?  What comes next?  Are you left alone with your own imagination to drive you crazy or are you confronted by one or more Dommes demanding information?  Are these your new “living quarters” while you learn to properly serve a Mistress?  The possibilities are numerous.

So, no, it’s not Club Med, but if you are looking for the feel of a real lock up or a real Dungeon, the Isolation Room might just be the right spot for you.  Book your stay now.

Mistress Ayn’s Seriously Alpha FemDom Clips Store Now Open

You have seen Me in Atlanta Dungeon’s action clips, training sluts and punishing slaves.  Now you can see Me in POV videos demonstrating My Own brand of power – My mind and My art of persuasion.  I will twist you around My finger, have you doing unspeakable things and humiliating and tantalizing you all at the same time.  Put yourself in the picture with one of these POV clips.



In part 1 of this ongoing POV series, I drug My misogynist boss and hold him captive in My basement Dungeon. As he regains consciousness, he only begins to realize the predicament he is in. Caged, helpless and completely at My mercy, he learns he is no longer needed at the office. I am now in charge – of everything.



I know you are a dirty ass slut. I am sure you play with yourself all the time – sticking things up your own ass while you play with yourself. Today you are going to do it My way. No dildos. No plugs. Just your dirty little fingers. Don’t worry I will tell you exactly how to do it to make Me the happiest. With step by step instructions, I will have you stretched and aching for release. Now show Me what a filthy ass whore you are.



I give Bart an over the knee spanking before introducing him to My most severe paddle- “The Monster”. The paddle is made of flexible Lucite with holes drilled into it. I give Bart about 40 licks, blistering his ass in the process. Just for good measure I finishes him off with a caning. Bart’s ass leaks the red stuff after this thrashing.


Have an idea?  I consider all fan recommendations.  Want a custom piece?  Send Me an email with your proposal.


Video Wishlist:

I want My videos to get better and better and that takes props, equipment, clothing and more.  Want to help?  Here is a current list of needs.  If you donate an item to be used in a video, I will give you the video it appears in and give credit (under your slave name) in the ending credit title, if you wish.

Want to promote a product?

If you are an artisan or store owner and want one of your products featured in a video(s), let Me know.  If you donate the item and I like it (I would never promote something I didn’t believe in), I will use/wear the item in a clip and mention the item by name in the clip and then provide purchasing information at the end of the clip.  It’s a great way to get your gear or clothing seen for a minimal investment.



The BITCH is back and I am ready to rumble.

Ayn on beachAlright sluts – I am back from a short break and am well rested and ready to mess you up.  After a super busy last quarter and a hectic January, I needed a little beach time to rejuvenate.  It was fabulous and just what I needed, but I missed all of you pervs.  So this week I am back in the Dungeon and already have a fun week in store.

It appears I chose the right time to leave Atlanta.  I heard dreadful stories while I was gone about the storm – cars abandoned on the side of the road, children stuck at school, people having to sleep in stores.  Personally I am glad I was soaking up the sun and missed all that.  I am sure some of you need an attitude adjustment after that ordeal, so hit Me up.  I still have some openings this week.

Here is a rare glimpse of Me out of My Domme boots and taking a little stroll on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Don’t cry for Me when I am gone.

Ayn in FishnetAlas, boys, your Mistress is finally getting a much needed break.  Starting this weekend I am on vacation and will not return until February 1st.  It’s time to escape the cold of this Atlanta winter and head to warmer climes.  I will be on a cruise, so there will be no email or phone – no tweets – nothing.  Not sure I can handle it, but we shall see.

If you are wanting to book a session for February, don’t wait until I get back.  Go ahead and send Me an email with your top 2 choices for dates and times.  All emails will be returned in the order they were received, so get your request in early to ensure your preferred placement.  Emails will be answered February 2nd and the first booking available is February 3rd starting at 3:00pm.  I will surely be in withdrawal by the time I return, so I will need some really good subs to serve Me that first week back.  Are you up for that challenge?

For email and contact information, go here: http://www.mistressayn.com/contact-me

To complete an application, go here:  http://www.mistressayn.com/contact-me/14

FAQ #14 – What is Medical Play or Medical Fetish?

Medical play can cover a wide swath of BDSM activities and it really depends on the players interests as to how the scene plays out.  A medical scene can range from a sexy exam where a naughty nurse takes advantage of a patient, to harder core scenes like torture and mock castrations.  If you have ever fantasized about a hot nurse or doctor using their medical skills to dominate you, then medical play might be of interest.

SONY DSCSome of the many activities and equipment that can be used to create a medical scene:

  • Ass play – dilators, speculum, dildos, inflatables, etc.
  • Cock and ball torment – stretching, sensitivity testing, electro, needles – the list is almost limitless
  • Bondage – strapped to an exam table or in a straight jacket, as examples
  • Electro – a wide range of attachments can be used to “treat” cock, balls, nipples, anus, etc.
  • Enemas – sensual, medicinal and punishment types
  • Infusions – primarily scrotal and breasts
  • Needle play – i.e., temporary piercings
  • Penis and clitoris pumps
  • Prostate stimulation, milking
  • Nipple play/torture – clamps, suckers, needles, etc.
  • Surgical stapling
  • Shaving – generally the pubic area or nipple area
  • Urethral sounds and other penile insertions

Medical play also lends itself well to MindFuck type play such as gender transformations and castrations.  The diversity of possibilities in a medical scene makes Medical Fetish one of My favorites.  So, if you are in the mood to see a diabolical doctor for a very sensitive issue, just make an appointment.  Dr. Ayn is in.