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Review from a Washington, DC couple

DSC_0160eI love playing with couples and on rare occasions I get to dominate them both.  Such is the case with this lovely and fun couple.  They love role plays where they are both forced to serve Me and My DC hotel suite is the perfect venue for us to all get into the scene.  Below is a review they posted on The Mistress Review:

“It is easy to be intimidated by Mistress Ayn if you are a vanilla couple looking for some extra fun. Her website is impressive and features all kinds of devices that look scary to the uninitiated. But do not let that deter you. For a couple looking to explore a new experience she is the perfect Mistress. She puts you immediately at ease and is willing to listen and explore your ideas.”

“She will read and answer your emails, she will patiently listen to your requests, and is very easy to talk to. She is always on time and well prepared for the session. Just be sincere and respect her time. She has a beautiful collection of lingerie and heels and will gladly accommodate wardrobe requests. She truly is a professional.”

“I am sure she can administer severe punishment to anyone who asks for it but we asked for a sensual role play. Needless to say her role play skills are superb. She really gets into the role play and understands you completely. She does not hold back, she is always in charge and she is the perfect combination of sensual and domineering.”

“Ms. Ayn could easily pass for a senior VP on Wall Street. She is elegant, sexy, intelligent and very articulate. She has hint of the most beautiful, melodic southern accent. It really adds to her appeal! We can’t wait to see her again!”  – M&M

A couple celebrates with a Triple Dominatrix session

Cruel Hosts

Couples’ sessions are among My favorites.  About 3 years ago I saw this couple for the first time.  The Female (we will call her “A”) was just beginning to cut her Domme teeth on her husband.  She had attitude in spades, she just needed to flesh out her talent.  Well, in the passing years, she has done exactly that.  Every time I see them, she gets better and better at dominating her slave husband.  She uses chastity, corporal punishment, electrical and good old mind fuckery to keep him in line.

Recently she contacted Me wanting to set up a special session to celebrate her husband’s birthday.  She wanted a Triple Domination Session – with Me, another Mistress (we chose Goddess Samantha) and herself.  Boy, was he in for it.  We discussed the details ahead of time – including that she would let her husband have an orgasm, but it was important that it be ruined.  I was very excited about this session – and now you can read all about it in her review on TER.

This review can be read in its entirety on The Erotic Review.  Log in required.

“My slave husband and I had been active in the BDSM lifestyle for a while now.  This is about the 3rd time we have had sessions with Mistress Ayn and the first time with Goddess Samantha.  I felt it would be a great birthday present for my slave to serve other mistresses besides me, and to also allow himself to be tortured and punished by other mistresses so we can all have a great time together.  Prior to our visit with these two wonderful mistresses,  my slave was locked up and hadn’t had an orgasm for a week.  In fact, he hadn’t had a real orgasm in over two months – each release had been ruined.  So psychologically, he has been mindfucked for a while now.

My slave was very excited to be controlled by 3 mistresses.  By the end of the session, I can safely say he enjoyed himself but not without consequences of a severely marked ass that would leave him bruised for 2 weeks.   Both Mistress Ayn and Samantha Goddess were delightful to work with – don’t let their Southern charm fool you!

We started the session on the St. Andrew’s cross by taking turns torturing his balls and his cock.  His balls were so sensitive after having not cum for a week that it hurt like hell.  Next activity was by far my favorite – off to the spanking bench he went.  Oh, there wasn’t only spanking involved.  Cock sucking and ass-fucking by all three of us were on the menu.  He learned to deep throat all of our big cocks and while deep-throating our cocks, one of us was always at the other end, fucking him in the ass.  He was getting it at both ends and it was a time to be had for all the mistresses.   Mistress Ayn punished him with many strokes of the cane, with the swift flick of her wrists, breaking skin on his smooth white ass.  On the other hand, Goddess Samantha, an avid workout gal, laid it on him with hard swings of the Delrin cane, dealing bruises that would stay for a while. Me? I took a few swings myself but just looked on and enjoyed the sight silently. and allowed the other mistresses to take swags at his ass.

We moved on to the finale of the session – electro torture.  We hooked his cock and balls and ass up with electro stimulation just for kicks and jolted his sensitive areas to create a heightened sense of satisfaction.   After we’ve had enough torture, we all agreed that he had been a good and obedient slave and we had played enough for the day.  Mistress Ayn teased his poor little cock with a Hitachi vib and right before he climaxed, his head was squeezed so hard at the height of his orgasm, that it was absolutely ruined. Cum spurted out violently, however the sensation was nothing but a dull letdown.  I had promised him he would be allowed to cum but I did not tell him how he could cum. So there he was, mindfucked again.

I encourage married couples to explore the possibility of BDSM in their relationship.  It brings creativity, excitement, mystery and sensuality to a marriage.  It never hurts to ask your spouse if they are open to the idea.   I was very reluctant initially in my marriage to try this crazy idea that my slave suggested to me.  It wasn’t until the last 10 years of our marriage that I was willing to give it a shot.  With each passing year, I get more in control, and my slave, more subservient.  Our marriage has never been better.  We are happily married for soon-to-be 17 years.”

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Couples sessions with a Professional Dominatrix in Atlanta

Mistress AynInterest in couples wanting to session with Me is on the rise.  Seldom does a week go by without a couple in the Dungeon. Thanks in part to the book 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM is becoming more mainstream.  Women (and admittedly some men) are reading the books and all the media surrounding them and saying, “Hey, that’s hot.  Let’s try it”  Resourceful couples are turning to the experts (professional Dominants) to help them in their journey.

Whether you and your partner are experienced fetishists or are new to BDSM, I can help you explore your fantasies in a safe, sane and consensual session.  Want to take your play to the next level and push limits?  Or are you simply curious and want to experience a variety of kinks to decide what you and your partner like?  Either way, I can be your trusted guide.

My play space is a fully equipped dungeon complete with St. Andrews Cross, stocks, stretcher table, various cages, spanking bench, queening chair, medical table, feminization room, CBT chair and more.  I have every toy imaginable, including the famous ErosTek electrical unit and the Venus 2000.  From the mildest tease and denial, soft domination session to the most hard core torture and humiliation scene, I have the experience and expertise to take you where you both want to go.

Here are a few snippets of conversation from a post session email exchange:

“Oh my goodness, [john] and I had the most amazing time with you tonight. We/I just want to say thank you! For your confidence, beauty, imagination, and adventurous sexual spirit! For inspiring our adventurous spirits!”

 ” . . . My first time with a female sexual creature -ever – and you were perfect, so tough and sweet with me, winning my total affection and service! – your devoted slave girl”

Here are excerpts of reviews posted by couples on Max Fisch, TER and The Mistress Review:

“She is very patient, a great teacher and has all sorts of ideas to bring our BDSM lifestyle to the next level. She is very experienced and knows our limits and respects us being couples. For all you married people out there who want to take your marriage and boring sex life to the next level, look no further. Investigate the BDSM lifestyle and you don’t need to look for anyone but Mistress Ayn.”more ->

“This was our 4th or 5th visit with her and each session seems to get better and better. She is slowly working through the different kinks and fetishes with my Goddess to give her a little exposure to each one and, as she finds ones that she is interested in or likes, she takes the time to go a little more in depth to show her tips and techniques. She is very patient and knowledgeable . . . “ – more->

“She was very good with my Goddess showing her what to do, what was safe, and just how things should work in a session. My Goddess had a wonderful time and is already wanting to know when we can visit Atlanta. I would strongly suggest that if you and your Mistress have kink you would like to explore or just to spice up your relationship, please see Mistress Ayn. You won’t be disappointed.”  – more ->

“We were treated to five-hours of sublime pain and pleasure . . .  The final portion of the evening was as though kinky friends had gathered to have some kinky fun, all, of course, at Mistress Ayn’s direction. Weeks later, we are still in the afterglow of this exceptional session.”   more ->

Add a little spark to your sex life.  There is no additional tribute required for couple session.  A minimum time of 90 minutes is suggested.  Apply now by completing My experience/fetish form.  A telephone interview with the Female is a requirement for booking.

Demystifying the appeal of 50 Shades – Hint: It has nothing to do with BDSM

MistressAynDec2014--7eI know we are all tired of the hype, reviews and general trashing of 50 Shades of Grey. Personally I never thought I would chime in on the subject.  I didn’t see the movie and I was only able to read about half of the book before giving up on there being anything meaningful or entertaining about BDSM in the novel.  After about 200 pages there had only been one spanking scene and a tour of Grey’s dungeon – hardly what I would call a book about BDSM.

Now that the movie is out, once again My news feed is inundated with articles about it – most of which I dismiss and don’t even skim, but today one caught My attention.  It was titled:  “Forget the BDSM in 50 Shades – It’s all about the money.”  After just a cursory look at the article I could see that it had finally put into words what had been worrying around in the back of My mind, but for some reason I had been unable to articulate.  This is the quote that caught My eye:  “This fetishization of wealth, along with Grey’s whiteness and good looks, also seems to be the only thing that excuses his obsessive, stalkerish behavior throughout . . . Just ask yourself a simple question: Would a story about a poor but psychologically controlling farmer who likes tying up girlfriends and whipping them in a barn have had the impact on our nation’s consciousness that Fifty Shades has?”  Bingo!  This book isn’t about BDSM.  It’s about the fantasy of being “rescued” and living the “good life” . . . about flying in private jets and drinking $500 bottles of wine.  Submitting to a little abuse or swallowing your dignity is just the price for entry.

BDSM was just a gimmick to sell what has been sold to women for ages -your security and success comes in the form of a man.  And I guess if that is what women want to believe, these types of “romance” books will stay on the bestseller list.  (That is a topic far beyond My expertise and pay grade so I will not expound further.)  The book(s) weren’t meant to edify or destroy BDSM.  They were meant to entertain and make money – and that has been done quite successfully.

As much as I wish it were true, I doubt very seriously that after reading the book, many women tapped their partners and said, “wanna tie me up and spank me tonight?” or “want me to tie you up and spank you?”  (For those few that did, kudos to you.)  I just hope they are not looking at their partner and finding them lacking – longing for their prince charming.  Hopefully it’s just a bit of escapism, but I have always thought that these types of romance novels perpetuated disillusionment and set a bar for real men that is impossible to attain.  So in the end, I don’t think this book has set back BDSM.  I don’t really think it has set back anything – it’s just reinforced the status quo.

BDSM for couples – One couples experience with an Atlanta Dominatrix

Dominatrix for CouplesI would “guestimate” that I, by far, work with more couples than any other Dominatrix in the Atlanta area.  I have numerous reviews from couples and see several on a regular basis.  Most are Domme/sub, but I occasionally get the treat of a sub/sub couple.  Below is a review of the second session with this sub/sub couple.

“We are a submissive couple – male and female. Recently, we Submitted to Mistress Ayn in a session in her well-equipped, convenient, comfortable Atlanta dungeon. We were treated to five-hours of sublime pain and pleasure. The first portion of the session was focused on the male of our duo; the second portion on the female. On occasion, Mistress asked for assistance from the one of us who was not the subject of her attention. The final portion of the evening was as though kinky friends had gathered to have some kinky fun, all, of course, at Mistress Ayn’s direction. Weeks later, we are still in the afterglow of this exceptional session.

The amount and variety of equipment available to and utilized by Mistress Ayn is remarkable. A non-exhaustive list includes St. Andrew’s Cross, spanking bench, floggers and whips (including expertly handled Single-tail whips), strap-on with various sizes of dildos, paddles and canes and toys especially interesting to couples – a dildo gag (wow!) and a couple of Hitachi toys (also, wow!).

When it was over, we were exhausted and full of awe and wonder at Mistress Ayn’s presence, attention and imagination. Our next visit cannot come quickly enough. Thank you, Mistress Ayn!”

This review is reprinted here in its entirety and you can see it posted on The Mistress Review.

Click here for more information about BDSM Couples Sessions.

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