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Poll Results on Favorite Genre of Videos

Last month I posted a poll on My fan site,, asking members to vote for their favorite type of video clips and what they want to see more of.  Here are the results:


AynRules Poll Results

Strap on and multiple Domme scenes came as no shock, but the CBT and Hypno categories were a bit of a surprise.  Looks like I will be making more of those.

Rave review of custom clips

First of all, I have a new camera for filming, thanks in part to slave joe.  His generous gift card for My birthday allowed Me to purchase a DSLR camera that produces amazing video.  The timing of the purchase was perfect.  Almost simultaneously a sub from France commissioned 2 custom clips, so on June 9th the DSLR got its first real workout.

StoryboardThe scenes were more complex than our normal clips, so the evening before we “storyboarded” the two scenes to make sure filming went smoothly.  The resulting artwork (pictured here) got a laugh from all of us and there was even a suggestion that we have t-shirts made!  (Click on the image to enlarge it.)  The following morning Goddess Samantha, slaves nero and tig, along with the ever mysterious “webmistress” (cum cameraman) were on set and ready to go.

Both subs had to be feminized for the shoot, so Goddess Samantha and I had our hands full making nero and tig look as womanly as possible, but the end result was quite phenomenal.  A bonus to the event was that nero had to be shaved in order to be feminized, so we made a video of Samantha and Me forcibly shaving off his precious beard. Samantha had to put his head in a scissorhold to keep him still while I did the trimming and shaving.  The resulting clip was aptly titled “Shaving Nero”.

After several hours of filming we had the 2 videos in the can plus 2 other clips.  Now it was time to edit . . .

The finished videos were titled “The Contract Fucker” and “The Senator learns a lesson”.  They were 17 minutes and 29 minutes respectively.  Not your usual clip.  In My opinion they turned out great and the sub that commissioned them agreed.  Here are some of his comments:

“I really wanted to let you know ASAP what I thought about both of the videos that I watched tonight. One word for them: FANTASTIC. 
You’re so sexy with your perfect outfit and your high heels boots. And you’re so mean, so cruel. You were totally involved in the project and I thank you a lot for that. I can say the same about Samantha who is also very strong (she carried the sub very easily).  Both of you are amazing. 
And both of your subs are great too. One trying to resist till you break him. The other one desperate by the situation from the beginning. Both of them acted fear and desperation wonderfully by struggling, shaking boots due to your actions, begging and crying. Their feminizations are awesome. 
The angles  took for the shooting are excellent: wide angles allowing to see the poor guys from the head  to the sexy high heels boots while you’re humiliating them, there are close ups to see faces during actions…. And the quality of the video is perfect. It’s sure: I’m really happy of the result.”


You will be able to see them for yourself when they appear on, so look for them in about a month.
We all had a great time shooting these clips and the unique request allowed Me to produce clips that were different (and a bit more elaborate) than the standard clip, so I would love to see more requests for customs.  If you have been fantasizing about a custom, contact Me at for a free quote.


Contract fucker 3

Double Domination with Goddess Samantha

Goddess SamanthaGoddess Samantha and I just wrapped up the filming of some custom clips and We enjoyed Ourselves so much that we wanted to continue the fun by offering Double Domme Sessions.  The week of June 15th finds The Goddess and Me both in town at the same time, so We have decided it’s time to collaborate on your demise.  Double sessions will be offered all week, so screw up  your courage, eat your Wheaties and apply to serve.

For those that have not sessioned with Us, here are Our mutual interests:

  • Body Worship – Respectful feet, legs and ass
  • Bondage – from the light to the extreme
  • CBT (Cock and ball torment)
  • Corporal Punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, whips, etc.
  • Electro torture/stimulation (ErosTek) – experience a two unit session.  We each have Our Own unit.
  • Face sitting and smothering
  • Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
  • Foot Fetish – including boot and shoe worship
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Medical Play – including naughty exams, sounds, enema play, stretching
  • Nipple torture
  • Scissor holds – by Goddess Samantha
  • Strap on Worship / Training
  • Tease and Denial
  • Toilet training – golden only
  • Trampling
  • Sensory deprivation/sensory overload
  • Wax play
  • Wrestling – with Goddess Samantha
  • Venus 2000 – tease and denial and forced O – My exclusive unit

Things We are NOT interested in are full toilet (hardsports), blood play, adult baby or intimate sexual contact.

Goddess Samantha and I have been sessioning together for several years.  We are personal friends and Our chemistry in session is amazing.  Experience it for yourself.  Click here to read a review of one of Our Double Sessions.  Tribute for these double sessions is $400 per hour.  Sessions of over 2 hours will require a minimal deposit to secure.  If you have not sessioned with either of Us before, complete an Application to apply.  

Sessions are generally available from 2pm to 8pm M-F.

Our schedules fill quickly, so email Me now to schedule –

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