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FAQ #24 – What is the deal with enema play?

ds22m4_edited-1 (2)Enema play is one of My favorite forms of play.  It is so versatile and can range from subtle to severe.  It can be humiliating – or not.  I have used enema play to clean out sissies for man pussy training.  I have used them purely for torture – a little added pain during CBT, for example.  I have used enemas to give the lowly, weak male an idea of what We Women go through monthly.  Menstrual cramps are such a bitch and I think every man should have an idea of what they feel like.  That would probably put an end to all the PMS jokes.

Enemas are also useful for degradation.  Not being in control of your own bodily functions and/or having a Mistress present when you are finally allowed to relieve yourself can be a very debasing experience.  As a slave, being able to endure an enema without soiling yourself and then presenting yourself to your Mistress cleaner and more humble than when you arrived, can be a sweet achievement.

So, although enemas do not have a place in every BDSM scene, they do have a place in specific types of scenes.  I have seen lots of wary looks when the enema bag came out for the first time in session.  Now a lot of those same subs look forward to the cleansing routine.

Click here for more about enema sessions.  Visit Max Fisch for a full review of an enema session.

That corest you all help Me win . . .

Remember that?  The photo contest on Facebook back in August where you guys helped Me rack up over 4000 votes to win a custom corset?  Well I promised a photo of the corset that I won and I am happy to say that I finally have one back from the photographer.  The corset took a few weeks to make and be shipped to Me from London.  The same photographer that captured the winning photo also did this one – which I thought was only appropriate – but he is tough to get a shoot scheduled with and he is also a perfectionist, so it took a while . . .

But it was totally worth the wait. It’s My new favorite photo.

Mistress Ayn Atlanta Dominatrix

Photo courtesy of the award winning and internationally renowned Goblin Fruit Photography.

Corset courtesy of CorsetDeal (made to measure).

Link to the photo that won.

Introducing Queen Black Mamba – The perfect poison

bm10nmgfsmallHelp Me welcome a new Sister to the collective of Dommes at Atlanta Dungeon – Queen Black Mamba.  Queen, as I like to call Her, is no stranger to the FemDom scene.  She has been doing distance training and phone domination for quite some time, so She is very adept at getting into your head.  Recently She has joined Me in several sessions and We had a total blast.

She is not much bigger than a minute, but don’t let that fool you, Her tiny 4’11” frame is full of mischievousness and downright deviousness.  She will curl around you and strike, just like the snake she is named for.  It doesn’t hurt that she is hotter than a firecracker either.  In order to welcome Queen properly, I wanted to do some proper doubles with Her and this is where you come in . . .

For a limited time you can have a double with Me and the Queen Black Mamba for the special tribute of $350 per hour (2 hour maximum).  That’s only $75 to add Her to a session –  and $50 off My normal tribute for doubles.  This offer is only good for the next 3 weeks, so act now.

Queen shares all My normal interests, but we have recently had fun with race play (yes, you read that right) and deep humiliation.  Queen is specifically interested in doing some medical scenes as well as forced fem and sissy dress up role plays, so come on boys, let’s have some fun.

More about Queen Black Mamba

If I have not sessioned with you previously an application is required.




Ruined Orgasms

I’ve been a bit fascinated with ruined orgasms lately. Probably because I have been seeing two long term chastity slaves. Neither of them are able to be successfully milked, so I suggested to their key holders that ruined orgasms might be a viable option.

On a recent visit one of the subs confided in Me that as much as he enjoys getting his release when his wife eventually allows it, he then struggles with a diminishment of his sissy submissiveness – which he loves and strives for daily. I know that she occasionally gives him a ruined orgasm, so I asked him if he felt the same way when the orgasm was ruined. His initial response was that he did NOT feel a diminishment in submission – or at least not as much of one, but wants to monitor this and report back to Me. Of course, I have asked his wife to only allow ruined orgasms for a while, so I can get read on this.

Recently I read something about female ruined orgasms (yes, we can have them) and it was stated that we don’t get the same rush of dopamine with a ruined orgasm, so we don’t feel as satisfied and will often seek to immediately have another. I am guessing it is the same for the male physiology. I have noticed in longer sessions that after a ruined orgasm, the sub can usually recover and orgasm again relatively quickly.

Primary ways to ruin an orgasm:

  • Remove all stimulation as soon as the first signs of ejaculation start
  • Stop the flow – by squeezing the base or plugging the hole (this is usually a bit painful)
  • Create discomfort that short circuits the orgasm – a sharp slap to the balls or an increase in electrical current are good examples

The last two options are personal favorites of Mine.  I particularly like adding electro when using the Venus 2000 (the ultimate tease machine).  When the sub gets close, I alternate between turning the machine off and turning up the electro.  One way or the other, eventually that orgasms is going to get ruined.  Post orgasm CBT is also a favorite of Mine, but that is fodder for another article.

I even had some fun in clips lately with ruining orgasms.



This clip is available on Clips4Sale and

I started a discussion about ruined orgasms on’s forum, The Buzz.  If you wish to view or participate in this discussion, visit The Buzz.  I would love to hear your thoughts and even answer your questions.


Custom BDSM FemDom Fetish Clips

Want to see your fantasy made real?  AynRules Productions will be filming with Goddess Samantha and slave tig within the next few weeks, so it’s time to order your custom video.   Email your scenario now for consideration.

customsadHere is how it works:

Have you been fantasizing about the perfect BDSM/fetish scene? A scenario that you can relive anytime you want? Now you can have it by commissioning a custom video or audio audio files. Tell Me your fantasy and I will make it real. If approved I will produce your scene and send it directly to you.  It will later be added to our archives for other members to enjoy.

Want to super customize it with your name or keep it all to yourself?  That’s also not out of the question, but a surcharge will apply.

Prices are estimates and could change dramatically based on the complexity and length of the scene.

Audio starts at $100

POVs start at $200

Scene with a male sub – starts at $250

Each additional Female sub or Mistress – starts at an additional $100

Send inquiries with details of your scene to

Recent feedback for custom productions:

“The angles took for the shooting are excellent: wide angles allowing to see the poor guys from the head  to the sexy high heels boots while you’re humiliating them, there are close ups to see faces during action and the quality of the video is perfect. I’m really happy with the result.”

“The cameraman made a wonderful work with the different angles of view. The quality of the video is fantastic like always and the plus, all this in only one take. So great.  And thank you for the beginning with the voice over narration to explain the context and the end where instead of “The End” you wrote… “La Fin”.  Very cool.”

All video is shot in high quality HD 1080p for crystal clarity and eye popping color.  Several custom clips have made it into the to 10 on Clips4Sale.  Interested in purchasing existing clips?  Visit My clips store for individual clips or get them all on for the only $19.95 per month or $39.95 for 3 months.

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