Venus20005 out of 5 stars – ★★★★★

A couple of years ago, My wonderful sub charlie gave Me the gift that keeps on giving – The Venus 2000.  I really can’t say enough good things about the Venus.  It’s solid and well built; simple and elegant in its own way.  I’ve used it for awesome tease and denial scenes, medical “milking” scenes, forced orgasms and even post orgasm torture (just leave it running and see what happens) – pleasure soon turns to torment.

Using the Venus takes a bit of practice and finesse – but isn’t that typical of anything that is worth doing right?  Getting the suction and stroke settings just right (two separate controls) takes some adjusting and trial and error, but after a few trial runs I was able to do the necessary adjustments relatively quickly.  It does work much better on an erect penis than a flaccid one, but flaccid often become erect after just a few strokes of the Venus.  Warning:  this unit can be very effective at its job and premature ejaculation is a real hazard.  Keep your hand near the control.  

Because of hygiene issues, I use a condom with each use.  However, the best grip and suction occurs when used without a condom, so I suggest repeat clients buy their own custom receiver from the company.  It’s about a $40 investment and if necessary it can be shipped to Me and I can store it between sessions.

There are no legitimate cons of the product in My opinion.  It’s heavy, but that is a necessary evil of its construction.  Cleaning the receiver properly takes a bit of time even when a condom is used, but it’s not much worse than any other toy.  The cost is a major drawback for most – coming in at around $1000 – but you get what you pay for.

One of My subs enjoyed the Venus 2000 so much that he bought a unit for himself.  He loves it, but he says it’s just not the same without Me at the controls . . .

If you are curious to see the Venus in action, you can see it in this clip available on Clips4Sale or