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Ruined Orgasms

I’ve been a bit fascinated with ruined orgasms lately. Probably because I have been seeing two long term chastity slaves. Neither of them are able to be successfully milked, so I suggested to their key holders that ruined orgasms might be a viable option.

On a recent visit one of the subs confided in Me that as much as he enjoys getting his release when his wife eventually allows it, he then struggles with a diminishment of his sissy submissiveness – which he loves and strives for daily. I know that she occasionally gives him a ruined orgasm, so I asked him if he felt the same way when the orgasm was ruined. His initial response was that he did NOT feel a diminishment in submission – or at least not as much of one, but wants to monitor this and report back to Me. Of course, I have asked his wife to only allow ruined orgasms for a while, so I can get read on this.

Recently I read something about female ruined orgasms (yes, we can have them) and it was stated that we don’t get the same rush of dopamine with a ruined orgasm, so we don’t feel as satisfied and will often seek to immediately have another. I am guessing it is the same for the male physiology. I have noticed in longer sessions that after a ruined orgasm, the sub can usually recover and orgasm again relatively quickly.

Primary ways to ruin an orgasm:

  • Remove all stimulation as soon as the first signs of ejaculation start
  • Stop the flow – by squeezing the base or plugging the hole (this is usually a bit painful)
  • Create discomfort that short circuits the orgasm – a sharp slap to the balls or an increase in electrical current are good examples

The last two options are personal favorites of Mine.  I particularly like adding electro when using the Venus 2000 (the ultimate tease machine).  When the sub gets close, I alternate between turning the machine off and turning up the electro.  One way or the other, eventually that orgasms is going to get ruined.  Post orgasm CBT is also a favorite of Mine, but that is fodder for another article.

I even had some fun in clips lately with ruining orgasms.



This clip is available on Clips4Sale and AynRules.com.

I started a discussion about ruined orgasms on Domina.ms’s forum, The Buzz.  If you wish to view or participate in this discussion, visit The Buzz.  I would love to hear your thoughts and even answer your questions.


Leather, Breathplay and the Venus 2000 – A Review on The Buzz

IMG_0983_2I often meet new and interesting subs when I travel and sometimes those subs think enough of our time together to plan a trip to Atlanta to see Me at Atlanta Dungeon.  I’ve been playing with the author of this review for a couple of year on My visits to Washington, DC and this year he has traveled to Atlanta twice so we could play.  He loves heavy bondage and the Dungeon has all the right stuff to keep him where he belongs – helpless.

These are excerpts from the review posted on The Buzz.

“She has such a combination of voice, looks, and language that gets me into subspace almost instantly. Just being in her presence makes me feel happy, safe and ready to try my best to please her.  This session was no different. . .

Now nipple play I love but have never been a big fan of having my balls hit. However, because of our connection I found myself thrusting out my pelvis to give her a better target. When she says “Take it for me” I want nothing more than to meet her desires to the maximum of my ability . . .

The next step was a heavy metal clamp added to my manhood to increase the pressure. She then moved me to her bondage chair and added weights to the clamp to make the CBB even better. She then put on the most lovely leather gloves which is a real hot button for me. She teased various parts of me with her gloves and drove me insane. By the time she was done I was emotionally spent and thinking I couldn’t give much more than I already had and we still had some 2 hours of time to go together. Mistress Ayn got me out of the chair and then let me get back to earth with some lovely worship of her leather boot, gloves and skirt. This was very calming and let me gather my emotions for the next step.

She then spent time prepping me for a great pounding . . .  I was now ready but she said she wanted to look me in the eye while she pounded me so I was moved to her sling. After her prep work there was no problem getting deep and making me her clear and drooling bitch . . .

She had me put on a gasmask with rebreather bags that could be used for breath control. I was then tied to her bondage bed and she broke out the Venus 2000 . . .  Mistress Ayn is an absolute master at the use of the Venus to extract the most explosive finish to any scene. Her expert use of the dials led to teasing and edging while controlling my air with the mask. Over and over I thought this was the end but she would stretch it out again. It was the most fantastic ride that finally ended in the most intense whole body explosion I have ever known:)

So in conclusion I heartily endorse both Mistress Ayn and Atlanta Dungeon. If you and her are compatible you will have a fantastic time together. And the dungeon while actually in a major US city is remarkably secluded with free on site parking that makes the logistical part of the session very easy. I know I can’t wait until her next trip here to DC or my next trip to Atlanta:)”

To read the full review visit The Buzz.

The A&S Domme Spa – review of a double session with Goddess Samantha

Ayn and  SamanthaA double Domme session can double your fun, your pleasure and your pain.  I’ve been playing with this sub since the beginning of the year – always in long, heady sessions – just the way I like it.  This time I suggested we mix things up a bit with a double with Goddess Samantha.  Samantha and I have been sessioning and filming together for years and are personal friends, so when we get together, it’s a guaranteed good time for everyone. However, a scene with us is not for the faint at heart.

Here is an excerpt of the review.  To read it in its entirety (it’s rather lengthy), visit Max Fisch.

“As the door opens I am greeted with two absolutely gorgeous ladies, dressed for business, and looking amazing. Mistress Ayn introduced me to Goddess Samantha. She’s a beautiful woman and made me comfortable from the beginning. I knew the next four hours was going to be a lot of fun.

I mentioned how, as a business owner, it was nice to turn myself over to someone else for a while, with no decisions to make. It is a therapy for me. Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn decided to show me what it was like to have a Spa Day with them at the “A&S Dom Spa”. 

Time for the Spa treatment to begin. I was placed on the cross with my back exposed and my high heeled legs cuffed and spread wide and wrists secured. For the next, I have no idea how long, Mistress Ayn and Goddess Samantha took turns, flogging, paddling, caning and whipping my back, butt, and balls. While the other one was facing me smiling and laughing and torturing my front side, especially my nipples. This was my “back massage” part of the Spa Treatment . . .

Next is was decided to retreat to the Medical Room where I was strapped down, placed in Bondage Mitts, blindfolded and completely immobilized. After hearing some quiet whispers and laughing, I had suckers applied to my nipples. The chastity was removed and my little buddy got wired up for some intense electrical play and sounding. The nipple suckers were eventually removed and my nipples were pulled and tweaked and exposed to shock treatment as well.  I was told this was part of the Deluxe Spa Treatment . . .

When satisfied with the prep work, I was released and led back into the Dungeon and strapped to a spanking bench. Mistress Ayn decided to spit roast me before inserting the butt plug. Goddess Samantha absolutely agreed. I mentioned that I did not see that on the Spa Menu, to which Goddess Samantha quickly replied, “you didn’t read the fine print” With that, they both got ready. When they reappeared, Mistress Ayn was wearing the smaller of the two cocks, while Goddess Samantha’s was a lot longer, thicker and more menacing. Certainly way bigger than my previous two experiences with strap play. Mistress Ayn took me from behind first while Goddess Samantha ordered me to suck her cock. With hand and legs secured, all I could do was take it. Goddess Samantha forced her big cock deeper into my mouth causing me to gag and spit while Mistress Ayn pounded my ass.  Then it was time to switch . . .

 Mistress Ayn loves to torture my nipples and I discovered Goddess Samantha is just as evil. The two of the them managed to put clamps on my nipples and somehow secure them to the straps around my legs so tight that any movement on my part caused a sharp pain when I even moved the slightest little bit. By the way, these two play a little game that can have consequences if you mess up. During the entire session, it was made clear to address Mistress Ayn as “Mistress” and Goddess Samantha as “Goddess”. To accidentally address either one incorrectly would not be tolerated without punishment.  Mistress Ayn hooked me up to her Venus 2000 and fired that thing up while Goddess Samantha began tugging and tweaking my already incredibly sore nipples. I finally messed up, not once, but twice. They both tortured my nipples and tickled and scratched causing me to squirm all over the place, causing the clamps to tug on my nipples even harder. And with that, our Spa Day was over. I was totally relaxed, and sore. I wouldn’t have it any other way . . .

This was my first double session. I don’t know how it could get any better. Goddess Samantha is a gem. Throw Mistress Ayn in the mix and prepare for the time of your life!!  These Two play very well together. Love them both. “

Ready for your deluxe spa treatment?  Book a double session with Me and Goddess Samantha now.

Product review: Venus 2000 Milker

Venus20005 out of 5 stars – ★★★★★

A couple of years ago, My wonderful sub charlie gave Me the gift that keeps on giving – The Venus 2000.  I really can’t say enough good things about the Venus.  It’s solid and well built; simple and elegant in its own way.  I’ve used it for awesome tease and denial scenes, medical “milking” scenes, forced orgasms and even post orgasm torture (just leave it running and see what happens) – pleasure soon turns to torment.

Using the Venus takes a bit of practice and finesse – but isn’t that typical of anything that is worth doing right?  Getting the suction and stroke settings just right (two separate controls) takes some adjusting and trial and error, but after a few trial runs I was able to do the necessary adjustments relatively quickly.  It does work much better on an erect penis than a flaccid one, but flaccid often become erect after just a few strokes of the Venus.  Warning:  this unit can be very effective at its job and premature ejaculation is a real hazard.  Keep your hand near the control.  

Because of hygiene issues, I use a condom with each use.  However, the best grip and suction occurs when used without a condom, so I suggest repeat clients buy their own custom receiver from the company.  It’s about a $40 investment and if necessary it can be shipped to Me and I can store it between sessions.

There are no legitimate cons of the product in My opinion.  It’s heavy, but that is a necessary evil of its construction.  Cleaning the receiver properly takes a bit of time even when a condom is used, but it’s not much worse than any other toy.  The cost is a major drawback for most – coming in at around $1000 – but you get what you pay for.

One of My subs enjoyed the Venus 2000 so much that he bought a unit for himself.  He loves it, but he says it’s just not the same without Me at the controls . . .

If you are curious to see the Venus in action, you can see it in this clip available on Clips4Sale or AynRules.com.

FemDom in Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC

Mistress Ayn Atlanta DominatrixMistress Ayn – on the move and touring the following cities:

Charlotte, NC – March 21st – 23rd

Washington, DC – April 4th – 6th

When traveling I conduct sessions daily from 11am until 10pm.  I prefer email contact and an application is required for subs I have not sessioned with previously.  My schedule in both cities always fills quickly and openings are at a premium (DC is usually booked by the time I arrive), so book early.  If we have not sessioned together before, a reference from a well known Domme or a deposit will be required.

For those that have not sessioned with Me, here are My interests:

  • Body Worship – Respectful feet, legs and ass
  • Bondage – from the light to the extreme
  • CBT (Cock and ball torment)
  • Corporal Punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, whips, etc.
  • Electro torture/stimulation (ErosTek)
  • Face sitting and smothering (clothed)
  • Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
  • Foot Fetish – including boot and shoe worship
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Medical Play – including naughty exams, sounds, enema play, stretching
  • Nipple torture
  • Strap on Worship / Training
  • Tease and Denial
  • Toilet training – golden only
  • Trampling
  • Sensory deprivation/sensory overload
  • Wax play
  • Venus 2000 – tease and denial and forced O

Things I am NOT interested in are full toilet (hardsports), blood play, adult baby or intimate sexual contact.

Most any other fetish can be accommodated, but if you are looking for something special, ask now before the packing is done.  In Charlotte I will be hosting in Uptown in an upscale hotel.  In DC I will be in a luxury suite in the Pentagon City area, convenient to the Metro.  I always bring a vast assortment of BDSM equipment for CBT, corporal, medical play, bondage, etc – along with the Eros Tek and Venus 2000.

Click here to Complete an Application

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