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Transformative Gender Experiences

DSC_5238bwwmeI have been asked to sit on a panel to discuss gender issues as they relate to kink.  So join Me Saturday, May 7th at Frolicon from 1:00pm – 2:15pm.  The panel will be run by a sociologist specializing in gender identity.

Panel description:

In this discussion we examine social research that explores how certain experiences can challenge our gender identities. From there we venture into how such gendered experiences can be incorporated into kink, helping us grow, evolve, and empathize with those of different genders than our own. A panel of kinksters will share their experiences on this topic and answer questions.

As a Dominatrix I interact with all kinds of kinksters that want to explore and push the limits of gender.  Those experiences range from simple humiliation through emasculation to sissy play to full on transgender.  So join Me as I participate with a panel of other kinksters to discuss and answer questions about this very current (and often controversial) topic.

Frolicon 2016 – Sheraton Downtown Atlanta, 165 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, GA  30303.

Official Website – http://www.frolicon.com




The Nurse Next Door – Session review on TER

Mistress AynOnce again, a slut learns you should be careful what you ask for – I might make it real.

The fantasy:  Mother has caught you masturbating.  She doesn’t like the idea that her young man is doing such naughty things in his bed at night and sends you to see the sexy nurse that lives next door.  Maybe she can teach you how to control such urges.  You have lusted after your hot neighbor every since you hit puberty.  In fact she is what you think about while you are alone in bed at night . . . but this is no ordinary nurse and this is no ordinary appointment.

An excerpt from the review on The Erotic Review:

“Upon arrival Mistress Ayn was already in role and she delivered in a big way utilizing the entire 90 minutes to push my mind, and my physical. She began by doing a thorough inspection of my anatomy and quickly coming to the conclusion that my penis was too small to please a woman ever, so she would have to provide a castration and turn me into a girl. She said the size of my nipples and man breasts would make good tits, and that she would turn me into the perfect slut . . .

She had me in a gyno chair and soon she was lubing me up to take her penis. After inserting this into me she said she would need to prepare me for a large one and it would involve an enema. She produces the equipment and began to fill an enema bag with a large pitcher of warm water. After inserting the nozzle into my ass she slowly allowed the water to fill my cavity. It was a new experience of being completely full, and at one point gave me cramps, denying me the pleasure of emptying myself she repeated that not even in this regard was I able to make this simple decision but that all choices now belonged to her.

Mistress Ayn had me – I was hers completely for the duration of time, she was completely in charge and I would have done anything she said to do. She finally allowed me to sit on the toilet as she held my chin in her hands demanding I look deeply into her eyes and beg to release, which I did. She said look into my eyes and know that I own you as you release your enema into the toilet – and I did . . .

Afterwards more insertion of anal plugs, along with heavy use of nipple clamps that pushed me to the edge – but I never said “yellow” the code word for “it’s getting to the point I cannot continue”. Instead I took it as a form of pleasing her, and she rewarded me by telling me that the little cock, since it was of no use to anyone and I was of little value, would have to come off. She wrapped it with some kind of electrical device that was also attached to my balls and she began an incredible mind fuck that involved electrical stimulation of my penis and I eventually climaxed with her threatening that would be the last orgasm I would experience with a penis and she would castrate me when we were done (fantasy play but OMG I was believing it). What an incredible physical, physiological experience. Highly recommended but be careful what you ask for.”

For the full review visit The Erotic Review – log in required.

Training a sissy slut – A new review on The Buzz.

Mistress Ayn and LynnSissies require all sorts of training.  They need to be taught how to apply makeup, how to dress like a sissy, how to walk with some grace and they need their little sissy holes trained too.  Chastity is also a good training option for your sissy, because we all know how much sissies like to play with their little clitties.

In a recent session, a sissy slut that had been away for a while was subjected to various forms of training – including reminding her that her balls were completely worthless pieces of equipment and that her little slut hole needed to be prepared for proper use.

“The idea was to stretch my sissy pussy. Mistress told me to hold it in while she stepped away for a moment, but I let it slide out. When She saw what had happened, she spit in my face and slapped me, a moment of degradation that got me in the proper frame of mind for the rest of our session. Minutes later, Mistress replaced the dilator with one that delivered an electric pulse to my sensitive opening, and that really got my attention.she placed suction cups on my nipples to increase the blood flow and sensitivity. Then She removed her gorgeous black leather shoe and placed it over my nose and mouth, her delicious scent, and Her powerful pheromones, flooding my brain as the electricity continued to shock my sissy pussy . . . 

Mistress then had me sit up while She spoke with me about my future. She noticed my tiny, flaccid cock and told me that the long-term chastity she required of me would make my thing atrophy and shrink, so it would be nothing more than a clit. We discussed female hormones, which within weeks would ensure I would never have an erection again . . .”

To read the subs full accounting, visit The Buzz.


Drag Queens, Faux Queens and everything in between

I had the opportunity to attend a truly amazing event last weekend.  It was a private affair, but the entire time I was there, I kept thinking how much My sissies would have enjoyed the event.  Hosted by My good friend (and partner in many a crime) Onyx Love, the event had performances by local faux queens and featured an appearance by the one and only Coco Peru.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.  By the way, I came to the conclusion that blond is not My color.

Rave review of custom clips

First of all, I have a new camera for filming, thanks in part to slave joe.  His generous gift card for My birthday allowed Me to purchase a DSLR camera that produces amazing video.  The timing of the purchase was perfect.  Almost simultaneously a sub from France commissioned 2 custom clips, so on June 9th the DSLR got its first real workout.

StoryboardThe scenes were more complex than our normal clips, so the evening before we “storyboarded” the two scenes to make sure filming went smoothly.  The resulting artwork (pictured here) got a laugh from all of us and there was even a suggestion that we have t-shirts made!  (Click on the image to enlarge it.)  The following morning Goddess Samantha, slaves nero and tig, along with the ever mysterious “webmistress” (cum cameraman) were on set and ready to go.

Both subs had to be feminized for the shoot, so Goddess Samantha and I had our hands full making nero and tig look as womanly as possible, but the end result was quite phenomenal.  A bonus to the event was that nero had to be shaved in order to be feminized, so we made a video of Samantha and Me forcibly shaving off his precious beard. Samantha had to put his head in a scissorhold to keep him still while I did the trimming and shaving.  The resulting clip was aptly titled “Shaving Nero”.

After several hours of filming we had the 2 videos in the can plus 2 other clips.  Now it was time to edit . . .

The finished videos were titled “The Contract Fucker” and “The Senator learns a lesson”.  They were 17 minutes and 29 minutes respectively.  Not your usual clip.  In My opinion they turned out great and the sub that commissioned them agreed.  Here are some of his comments:

“I really wanted to let you know ASAP what I thought about both of the videos that I watched tonight. One word for them: FANTASTIC. 
You’re so sexy with your perfect outfit and your high heels boots. And you’re so mean, so cruel. You were totally involved in the project and I thank you a lot for that. I can say the same about Samantha who is also very strong (she carried the sub very easily).  Both of you are amazing. 
And both of your subs are great too. One trying to resist till you break him. The other one desperate by the situation from the beginning. Both of them acted fear and desperation wonderfully by struggling, shaking boots due to your actions, begging and crying. Their feminizations are awesome. 
The angles  took for the shooting are excellent: wide angles allowing to see the poor guys from the head  to the sexy high heels boots while you’re humiliating them, there are close ups to see faces during actions…. And the quality of the video is perfect. It’s sure: I’m really happy of the result.”


You will be able to see them for yourself when they appear on AynRules.com, so look for them in about a month.
We all had a great time shooting these clips and the unique request allowed Me to produce clips that were different (and a bit more elaborate) than the standard clip, so I would love to see more requests for customs.  If you have been fantasizing about a custom, contact Me at ayn@mistressayn.com for a free quote.


Contract fucker 3
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