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Announcing: FemDom Mansion

A stay at FemDom Mansion is the ultimate encounter for the sophisticated submissive that thinks he’s done it all: an adventure in paradise – sort of. 



Your fantasies made real:  FemDom Mansion is a beautiful home filled with beautiful Mistresses, allowing a full immersion into the Female led lifestyle.  We accommodate one submissive at a time so you never lack for attention.  Multiple Dommes train and use you as their sole toy for the duration and each experience is designed with the our mutual interests in mind.


  • Opulent environment
  • Multiple Mistresses
  • Fully equipped BDSM dungeon on site
  • Completely customizable experience
  • Private stay – only one submissive at a time
  • Complex and intense scenes possible – going beyond an ordinary session

This is truly FemDom utopia – a place where Women rule and you obey.  Imagine the possibilities . . .

  • Authentic slave training
  • Domestic servitude
  • Parties, dinners and sophisticated soirees
  • Outdoor scenes
  • Real chastity play
  • Full transformations and lifestyle training for sissies
  • Total immersion role plays and MindFucks
  • The possibilities are endless . . .

Some of the most beautiful and skilled Mistresses in the region use FemDom Mansion as their private retreat. Female submissives/Switches are also available.




A great deal of care goes into the planning of each stay so a two day minimum booking is required.   All scenes are safe, sane and consensual. For more information and to enquire about booking the Mansion, visit www.FemDomMansion.com.

Those looking to book sessions of shorter duration should direct their enquiries to ever popular and extremely well equipped commercial facility –  Atlanta Dungeon.


Positive press:

“A truly unique experience for slaves & subs that want to indulge the lifestyle.” –   HogSpy FemDom News

“An amazing opportunity for any submissive male. ” – Dickie Virgin FemDom Guide

“It’s like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but for submissives.” –  The Mistress Review


FemDom Mansion is located in an affluent section of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


UNCHAINED – The Ultimate Fetish Event Returns to Atlanta

Many of you heard Me rave about Mistress Kountessa’s (aka Lilith LeFey) event last year called UNCHAINED.  Some of you read My write up about it here and maybe saw a few photos posted on Twitter, but if a photo is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?  Regardless of the answer, here it is:  The official UNCHAINED video from the last event.  Look for Me, Mistress Kountessa, Goddess Samantha and Gianna throughout.  As you can tell, We had tons of kinky fun.

UNCHAINED from Lilith Le Fay on Vimeo.

Thankfully Mistress Kountessa is at it again and UNCHAINED returns February 26th.  To get information about attendees, talent, DJ’s the venue and more, visit the event page on Facebook or Fetlife or check out the event website.  Of course, My Dungeon Sisters and I will be there in force.  Come out and join Us if you dare.

Public sessions/scenes are available at the party.  If you are up for some public humiliation or public play, just inquire.


UNCHAINED – Bet you wish you had been there.

If you missed this party – you missed the fetish event of the year.  Promoter Lilith Le Fay (Mistress Kountessa TS) outdid herself and put on a masterpiece of a party.  There was so much going on, you seriously couldn’t take it all in.  Fire shows, hook suspension, dessert girl (dessert was served off her lovely body), boot blacking and of course performances by the Dommes of Atlanta Dungeon.  It was non-stop action with kicking DJ’s to boot.  I saw so many old friends and made a bunch of new ones.

Among My new friends is a little sub girl named Ria.  She took a hell of a whipping on stage.  Immediately after, our own Gianna Monticello took an identical whipping from Goddess Samantha.  Both of our sub girls orgasmed during the performance.  It was a site to behold.  I could go on and on, but a photo is worth a 1000 words.

We are all waiting for the next UNCHAINED Atlanta – scheduled for January 2016.

Unchained 1



Drag Queens, Faux Queens and everything in between

I had the opportunity to attend a truly amazing event last weekend.  It was a private affair, but the entire time I was there, I kept thinking how much My sissies would have enjoyed the event.  Hosted by My good friend (and partner in many a crime) Onyx Love, the event had performances by local faux queens and featured an appearance by the one and only Coco Peru.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.  By the way, I came to the conclusion that blond is not My color.

Join Me at UNCHAINED – The fetish nightclub event of the season




What: UNCHAINED – the fetish nightclub experience
Where: Legacy, ATL – 728 Spring St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30308
When: Saturday, September 26th at 9:00pm – 3:00am
Cost: $15.00 at the door ($10.00 Early Bird special between 9:00pm and 10:00pm)

Join Me and the Dommes of Atlanta Dungeon for the fetish event of the season – UNCHAINED. This is a one of a kind nightclub event that Atlanta has not seen since the days of The Chamber. Presented by Our Dungeon Sister and club promoter Lilith Le Fay (aka Mistress Kountessa), this event has it all.


• The Dommes of the world famous Atlanta Dungeon
• Lighting and atmosphere by Dragon Fire Events
• Hook suspension show
• Violin Grinder show and more
• Rite of Punishiation stage show
• Fire performances and kick off ceremony
• Dessert table girl. (Grab some food off a sexy sexy body)
• Female Bodybuilders performing
• Sexy Female, Trans and Male Go-Go dancers
• Black tape project style fashions – https://www.facebook.com/TheBlackTapeProject
• An array of performances from our dancers
• The official UNCHAINED slaves
• Body shots with some of our performers
• Backdrop photo area
• Large dungeon play area
• Stripper Poles and dancing platforms
• Fetish videos all night long – many featuring the Atlanta Dungeon Dommes
• Boot polishing Station
• Relaxed dress code for the exhibitionist in you.
• Some of the hottest DJs in the scene
• New light up stage sets by Le Fay Entertainment

Bring your GLOW and BDSM toys!!!

Atlanta Dungeon will have its own VIP area to meet, great and play. We have been given special permission to bring in equipment and do public play, so if you are up to it, come join Us for some BDSM/fetish fun. We plan on getting very naughty so don’t miss this event.

RSVP here on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/108677492812156/

Or here on Fetlife – https://fetlife.com/events/370467



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