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Turn your head and cough – A review on TER

aandv2GFsmRole plays can be so much fun and I can really throw Myself into a good set up.  I believe in staying in character the whole time (not just using a role play as a set up and then having it deteriorate into a normal session), so I love it when the sub can stay in character too – and this sub did a remarkable job of that.  What ensued was a whole lot of fun and as a result, he got a passing grade on his medical exam and was able to land the job of his dreams.

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Super professional and easy to be comfortable with, Mistress Ayn and I set up a role play that started before I arrived. From the moment I walked in until I left, we both were in character. She owned it and owned me. Her website is accurate and complete. Exactly as her pictures portray. Hourglass figure. No spare flesh, stacked. A body to worship. She is superbly professional, yet playful.

The Juicy Details:

I had to go get this exam as part of a new job. My company wanted to insure me and needed me to undergo some tests. Right from the start I knew something wasn’t… normal.  I was expecting Lab Corp but found was led to a house in Buckhead. The foyer of the office was small with a table and some strange equipment. Once I handed over the paperwork, I was led to a small restroom and told to strip. The medical staff wouldn’t even give me a robe.

I didn’t think I was at the right place, but they assured me I was. Once I got on the exam table, the doctor admonished me a bit because I had a hard on. She said it was OK, but that it was appropriate. She gave me a long talk about how the company had entrusted her to do this exams for years. She was the final say as to whether I got the job or not, but could assure me that if I did what she asked I would get the job. At some point during this speech, she removed her lab coat and I was speechless. That body. That outfit. I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying, but I soon realized I had been restrained to the exam table and the doctor was preparing a probe. But first there was a sensitivity test.

Over the next 2 hours, I was probed and tested in many ways. I just kept in mind that if the doctor was happy, I would get the job. She had some weird ways of being happy, but at one point she was abusing me and I think she had an orgasm. I knew I’d get the job then, but she quickly made sure I knew who was in charge.

If you read her website, it has everything else you need to know. Basics? You’ll get release, but she’ll make you pay for it. She is a complete professional and role played for 2 hours. Stunning woman. Have fun!

FAQ #24 – What is the deal with enema play?

ds22m4_edited-1 (2)Enema play is one of My favorite forms of play.  It is so versatile and can range from subtle to severe.  It can be humiliating – or not.  I have used enema play to clean out sissies for man pussy training.  I have used them purely for torture – a little added pain during CBT, for example.  I have used enemas to give the lowly, weak male an idea of what We Women go through monthly.  Menstrual cramps are such a bitch and I think every man should have an idea of what they feel like.  That would probably put an end to all the PMS jokes.

Enemas are also useful for degradation.  Not being in control of your own bodily functions and/or having a Mistress present when you are finally allowed to relieve yourself can be a very debasing experience.  As a slave, being able to endure an enema without soiling yourself and then presenting yourself to your Mistress cleaner and more humble than when you arrived, can be a sweet achievement.

So, although enemas do not have a place in every BDSM scene, they do have a place in specific types of scenes.  I have seen lots of wary looks when the enema bag came out for the first time in session.  Now a lot of those same subs look forward to the cleansing routine.

Click here for more about enema sessions.  Visit Max Fisch for a full review of an enema session.

FAQ #22 – What is Medical Play or Medical Fetish?

MIstress AynMedical play can cover a wide swath of BDSM activities and it really depends on the players interests as to how the scene plays out.  A medical scene can range from a sexy exam where a naughty nurse takes advantage of a patient, to harder core scenes like torture and mock castrations.  If you have ever fantasized about a hot nurse or doctor using their medical skills to dominate you, then medical play might be of interest.

Some of the many activities and equipment that can be used to create a medical scene:

  • Ass play – dilators, speculum, dildos, inflatables, etc.
  • Cock and ball torment – stretching, sensitivity testing, electro, needles – the list is almost limitless
  • Bondage – strapped to an exam table or in a straight jacket, as examples
  • Electro – a wide range of attachments can be used to “treat” cock, balls, nipples, anus, etc.
  • Enemas – sensual, medicinal and punishment types
  • Penis and clitoris pumps
  • Prostate stimulation, milking
  • Nipple play/torture – clamps, suckers, needles, etc.
  • Shaving – generally the pubic area or nipple area
  • Urethral sounds and other penile insertions

Medical play also lends itself well to MindFuck type play such as gender transformations and castrations.  The diversity of possibilities in a medical scene makes Medical Fetish one of My favorites.  So, if you are in the mood to see a diabolical doctor for a very sensitive issue, just make an appointment.  Dr. Ayn is in.

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New POV clips on the way

Ayn Rules Productions just wrapped up filming a series of POV FemDom clips in multiple categories including strapon, cuckold fantasy, spanking and JOI.  To whet your appetite, view the photo gallery of screen captures and watch the trailer of one of My favorites from the shoot.  If you are not already a member, join AynRules.com today so you don’t miss a minute of the fun.



The Nurse Next Door – Session review on TER

Mistress AynOnce again, a slut learns you should be careful what you ask for – I might make it real.

The fantasy:  Mother has caught you masturbating.  She doesn’t like the idea that her young man is doing such naughty things in his bed at night and sends you to see the sexy nurse that lives next door.  Maybe she can teach you how to control such urges.  You have lusted after your hot neighbor every since you hit puberty.  In fact she is what you think about while you are alone in bed at night . . . but this is no ordinary nurse and this is no ordinary appointment.

An excerpt from the review on The Erotic Review:

“Upon arrival Mistress Ayn was already in role and she delivered in a big way utilizing the entire 90 minutes to push my mind, and my physical. She began by doing a thorough inspection of my anatomy and quickly coming to the conclusion that my penis was too small to please a woman ever, so she would have to provide a castration and turn me into a girl. She said the size of my nipples and man breasts would make good tits, and that she would turn me into the perfect slut . . .

She had me in a gyno chair and soon she was lubing me up to take her penis. After inserting this into me she said she would need to prepare me for a large one and it would involve an enema. She produces the equipment and began to fill an enema bag with a large pitcher of warm water. After inserting the nozzle into my ass she slowly allowed the water to fill my cavity. It was a new experience of being completely full, and at one point gave me cramps, denying me the pleasure of emptying myself she repeated that not even in this regard was I able to make this simple decision but that all choices now belonged to her.

Mistress Ayn had me – I was hers completely for the duration of time, she was completely in charge and I would have done anything she said to do. She finally allowed me to sit on the toilet as she held my chin in her hands demanding I look deeply into her eyes and beg to release, which I did. She said look into my eyes and know that I own you as you release your enema into the toilet – and I did . . .

Afterwards more insertion of anal plugs, along with heavy use of nipple clamps that pushed me to the edge – but I never said “yellow” the code word for “it’s getting to the point I cannot continue”. Instead I took it as a form of pleasing her, and she rewarded me by telling me that the little cock, since it was of no use to anyone and I was of little value, would have to come off. She wrapped it with some kind of electrical device that was also attached to my balls and she began an incredible mind fuck that involved electrical stimulation of my penis and I eventually climaxed with her threatening that would be the last orgasm I would experience with a penis and she would castrate me when we were done (fantasy play but OMG I was believing it). What an incredible physical, physiological experience. Highly recommended but be careful what you ask for.”

For the full review visit The Erotic Review – log in required.

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