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FemDom with a slave girl. A Review of My newest kitten – Ria Rocket

aynriaapt10gfsmall-2Sometimes adding a submissive little slave girl to the mix is just the right spice to liven up a long term D/s relationship.  One of My most loyal subjects schedules just such a session from time to time.  Here is his review of his latest with My newest kitten, Ria Rocket.

“Last week I was watching videos from Mistress Ayn’s fansite, aynrules.com when She introduced Her latest kitten, Ria Rocket. Didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted another Cougar and Kitten session. . .

Ria is a petite, adorable kitten standing five feet tall and weighing in about 95 pounds with beautiful dark eyes that are almost hypnotic. . . .  Mistress Ayn’s kittens are notorious for getting session mates in trouble. Sure enough Mistress walked in and caught us exploring each other.

Ria knelt in front of me just out of reach and I was given permission to TRY to touch her nipples to distract me while an anal probe was inserted. Of course, being strapped to the bench made it almost impossible to reach Ria. Smiling that patented “I’ve got you now” smile, Mistress turned up the juice causing me to jerk forward reaching Ria’s nipples. Ria immediately let Mistress know I had succeeded in my quest causing a sharp increase in current not to mention a leather strap across by butt(told you Ria was naughty). Ria orgasms from pain very easily. Ria was moved even closer and I was instructed to “nip” her nipples making her orgasm. Mistress decided to punish Ria again for having an orgasm without permission. Now it was my turn to spank her. I started out gently but Mistress would have none of that. “Harder, paddles. I want that butt red right now”. “Yes, Mistress”, I replied quickly increasing the tempo and severity of my spanks.

Way too soon it was time for the grand finale. Neither of us had any idea what was coming but we quickly followed instructions. Ria on her back with me straddling her. The rest of the details must remain a mystery for the three of us to remember. Be careful what you ask for; you will get it in spades.”

This review appears on Max Fisch, The Hang.

Doubles with Gianna September 15th & 16th

Mistress Ayn and Gianna Monticello - The Cougar and Her kitten.

Mistress Ayn and Gianna Monticello – The Cougar and Her kitten.

Ms. Gianna Monticello hasn’t been in town much these days, but she will be visiting Atlanta Dungeon starting September 15th through the weekend. Double sessions are available this Thursday and Friday (Sept 15 & 16th), so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

Of all My kittens, Gianna has the sharpest claws. As a Switch she is as comfortable dishing it out as she is taking it. She is brilliant with role plays and has a sharp wit and mind.  If you are looking a session that’s just a little bit different, then a double with Gianna just might be the ticket.

If we have not sessioned together before, an application is necessary to book.  For more information about Cougar and kitten session, click here.


Submissive ria rocket makes her film debut on AynRules.com

chairYou have seen her photos and heard about sessions with her, but now is your chance to see the professional submissive miss rocket earn her stripes.  Her first clip, Naughty slaves get OTK was released today on AynRules.com.

In the clip, Mistress Ultra Violet and I enter the dungeon expecting Our two slaves to be hard at work cleaning the dungeon. Instead We find sissy maid rachel, lazily dusting and little miss ria is fast asleep. Incensed, We Dommes decide to punish the slaves right on the spot with a dual OTK (over the knee) spanking. We start with one over each of Our knees, ass to ass. Once their bottoms are a nice shade of pink, I turn sissy rachel around and instruct him to put his nose in ria’s ass crack – while they both continue to be spanked. In the end, both their asses are a bright shade of red and both subs are made to worship their Mistresses’ boots to show their appreciation for their training.

Click here to watch the trailer.


More to come:

In the upcoming weeks ria will appear in several other videos including forced orgasm, tease & denial, flogging, whipping and more.  She is great at getting little slave boys in trouble and driving them into a sexual frenzy.  Don’t miss a single clip.  Visit AynRules.com and join today.

Introducing miss ria rocket – My newest kitten

aynriaapt7gfsmallCougar and kitten sessions are delightful fun. Submitting to Me alongside a female submissive can add a sensual and playful element to a session that cannot be duplicated any other way.  Now you can experience the latest addition to My stable: miss ria rocket.

ria is a true submissive and masochist.  She easily orgasms simply from pain.  Seriously.  It is a marvel to see.  She always says “Sorry, Mistress” when this happens without My permission – which of course brings new punishment – but the truth is, she just can’t help herself.  Weighing in at a mere 95 pounds, this petite package can not only take a lot of abuse, she is ultra sensual in session.  She takes comfort in sub/sub contact while submitting and suffering.  Normal session rules of no sexual contact apply, but these are some of the most sensual and sexy sessions available.

So what’s your fantasy?  Being restrained and made to watch Me torment ria . . . or maybe you are made to assist in the submission of ria by meticulously following My every instruction while I observe and smile.  Maybe we will play a game to see which of My submissives can take the most abuse – you or the slave girl.  The play is only limited by our imaginations.


O/our mutual interests include:

  • Body Worship – Feet, legs and ass
  • Bondage – from the light to the extreme
  • CBT (Cock and ball torture) / Genital Torture
  • Corporal Punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, etc.
  • Cuckolding
  • Electro torture/stimulation
  • Face sitting and smothering
  • Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
  • Foot Fetish – including boot and shoe worship
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Medical Play – including naughty exams
  • Nipple torture
  • Strap on Worship / Training
  • Tease and Denial
  • Toilet training – golden only
  • Trampling
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Wax play

Session are still available with sweet miss caroline.  you can even include both of them in a session.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?  Then complete an application for consideration. Tributes for these double sessions are as follows:

1 hour – $400
90 minutes – $600
2 hours – $800
Over nights – $2400 and up

To include both ria and caroline, add an additional $150 per hour.

Introducing Blake August – female film slave

Blake August for Ayn RulesAynRules Productions is kicking off the new year with a new female submissive film slave:  Blake August.  This is Blake’s first time in front of the camera and it is her debut to the FemDom world.  You can only see her on AynRules.com, so if you don’t have a membership, now is the time to join before the price increase goes into effect on January 15th.

Blake is a delightful submissive – pretty, accommodating, a bit mischievous and completely oversexed.  All these attributes make her perfect to submit to Me on film.  Watch for a new set of LezDom clips where Blake gets punished for being so slutty, used because she is so damned hot and toyed with just because I think it’s fun.

Coming January 1st, 2016:   Orgasm Punishment – 14 minutes of pure sexy fun.  Blake is caught in My dungeon playing with herself when she is supposed to be cleaning.  Sometimes I think one of the best punishments is to get an overload of exactly what you wished for – in this case it’s orgasms.  Blake is attached naked to the cross while Goddess Samantha and I give her one racking orgasm after another.  Her pussy is swollen and she can barely stand when she finally begs us to stop.   We counted 5 orgasms before Our greedy little Blake couldn’t take any more.

Blake is available for custom clips.  Have a LezDom fantasy?  We might make it real.  Click here to get more information about ordering a custom video.

Join AynRules.com today so you don’t miss one moment of the kinky fun.

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