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Edging into chastity – one sub’s perspective

20100731-05834-web-copyThis musing was written by one of My greedy little sluts (My gls) who will remain in his hiding place to the rest of the world.  All that matters is that he surfaces when he serves Me – which isn’t often enough for either of Us/us.

“Edging into Chastity. It may be your first telephone call or your forty-first email it makes no difference. Standing or sitting, you are still deciding whether to push the final button right up till when you either weaken or gain resolve. The push of the send button dispatching a carefully crafted email, or pressing that last number on your phone dials Her number. you are drawn to Her like a moth to a flame. you can never resist.

You meet Her criteria and are granted a session. It might be in 24 hours or two weeks, it doesn’t matter.

The time leading up to Your/your session is like the countdown to a rocket launch. You are in preparation mode now, driven by your own sense of preparedness, or better still following Her instructions to the letter.

As the clock moves you closer, your heartbeat increases and your mind wanders. You surreptitiously visit Her website, follow Her tweets, read Her blog, then the realization hits; you have already become Her sub, Her sissy, Her slut, Her slave and Her session is still three days away.

Suddenly you are standing in front of Her Dungeon pressing another button. This time the pressing of a button opens a door, a door that leads you into the dark secrets that you keep hidden from everyone but Her.

you step inside into the place where you most want to be. The door closes and in a matter of minutes She takes you from that place that you have always dreamed of, to a place She knows you need to be.

you were afraid of this happening and you wonder how She knew about that other place.”

A corporal enthusiast gets all he can handle


” To me a mistress meets expectations when she successfully makes me half regret for ever asking for a spanking.”  


I think most spankos and corporal enthusiasts can relate with this statement. In fact, just replace the word spanking for most any kink and it will probably hold true for most purists and kinksters.  Submitting to a Mistress should be one part excitement and one part dread.  It’s craving to hurt so good or longing to be humiliated to the point of tears and laughter.  It’s elegant irony and a beautiful paradox.  Don’t try to understand it.  Just enjoy the mystery of the ride.

More excerpts from the TER review by slverling123:

“I was a little hesitant because there were some other mistresses with lower prices. But she proved she was worth it. . . . [She]was responsive and clear with every subsequent email leading to the session unlike most other providers I have been in touch with. . . . Mistress Ayn was seductive, in character the whole time and pushed me to the limit . . . The next 35 minutes could have been summarized as the most intense spanking in my life.  Before even getting to the cane, she already made me squirm with the strap. To me a mistress meets expectations when she successfully makes me half regret for ever asking for a spanking. Mistress Ayn delivered . . . “

Read the entire review on TER.  Membership required to see the “Juicy Details”.

Male Chastity – The great equalizer


Most of you know that I love chastity.  Locking unruly boys away and holding on to the key is a great way to get whatever I want from a man.  After all, everyone knows you are led around by your dicks anyway, so I might as well do it the right way and make it pay.

The possibilities of chastity are almost endless.  If a sub is lazy, chastity is a great motivator.  If a sub spends too much energy mastrubating, chastity will free up more time for him to serve his Mistress. If a boi needs an attitude adjustment, there is nothing like being violated while your cock is in a cage to help you get your head on straight.  Chastity has a way of not only leveling the playing field, but it can totally turn the tables.  That is why it puts such a big smile on My face.  Look at Me in the clips below.  Don’t I look happy?


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