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Poem from a Facebook fan

I received this little rhyme on Facebook and just had to share.  I am not a FinDom, but this poor slave makes a good argument for keeping Me in gifts . . .


Bow your heads down where they belong
Look at Ayn Rules’s legs so lovely and long
Covered in nylon – you want to feel
Get on the floor and start to kneel
This is where us men should be
Looking no higher than her knee
Now on your knees with your head dipped
There is only one Lady that should be worshipped
This is a Lady who should not be missed
Now buy her something off her wishlist
Ayn Rules should not be without
So pay her money, any amount
How much to send, start to think
Ayn Rules should have something
Buy her clothes or even shoes
Something Ayn Rules can always use
You wank off to her pictures at your will
So why not pay her telephone bill
Worship her near or by far
Chip in together and buy her a car
Look at Ayn Rules with eyes so brown
Come on gents, now don’t let her down !

slave ken

A year in reflection – 2015

IMG_0155_a b&wThis is the time of year that I start to wax nostalgic.  As we get ready to usher in a new year, I reflect back on the good, the bad and the ugly of the previous year.  Inevitably I find so much more to be thankful for than to be disgruntled about – mainly because of the wonderful subs that populate My stable.  you boys truly are the wind beneath My wings.

2015 was a remarkable year in many ways.  AynRules.com was launched and I greatly appreciate the ones that came on board early and have continued to stay and watch the site grow.  Ayn Rules productions is now making custom videos and chart topping Clips4Sale content (all available on AynRules.com).  I have acquired top of the line production equipment and resources  – again thanks to the site’s supporters and a well placed gift here and there.

Speaking of gifts, I have gotten some marvelous ones – most recently a gorgeous pair of Louboutin patent leather pumps.  Drool all you foot/shoe fetishists. My filming dungeon now sports a super heavy duty spanking bench (hand crafted by a loyal slave) and a huge cage – both new additions this year.  I have also been given some super cool electro toys making My electro gadget collection second to none.  Loads of toys and clothing (and even furniture) have been purchased off My wishlists.  And I can’t forget the custom made paddles that I “demanded” one sub make.  I thank you all for your generosity – you know who you are . . .

The icing on the cake this year was being awarded a Domme Board on the Domina.ms forum, The Buzz.  Now I finally have a voice outside My Own domain and I appreciate those of you that have supported My board by registering and communicating with Me there.

All in all, 2015 was a pretty damned good year and I look forward to making 2016 even better.  With the continued gift of your submission, I am sure it will be.


Au revoir 2014

Mistress Ayn NYE 2014


As the year draws to an end, it makes Me reflective and I think of all the things in life for which I am thankful.   My subs are a big part of My life and give Me so much – both  emotionally and materially.   For every special occasion you faithfully fill My inbox with well wishes and My mailbox with goodies.   Because of My subs I have one of the best toy collections in the industry – and it continues to grow.  My closet overflows with boots, shoes, corsets, stockings and all things sexy and fetish.  I never forget how fortunate I am to have such generous subs.  Nor do I forget that the best gift you give Me is your trust and submission.

This year, like every year was full of gains and and some losses.  I broke the 2000 follower mark on Twitter (that seemed to take forever), launched My clips store, gained some wonderful new clients, had a custom spanking bench made for Me, was given the amazing Venus 2000 (which has really been a gift to everyone!) and received an impressive number of reviews – which helps Me maintain My reputation as the “Most Highly Reviewed Mistress in the Region”.    However, it was not without losses.  My favorite whip maker (Joe Strain) retired.  Thankfully I have an absolute “work of art” custom made snake whip to remember him by.  One of My best subs just found out he is moving away – ending a 2 year journey together.  News of this kind always makes Me sad, but life is like breathing.  You have to let air out in order to take more in.

Looking to 2015, I am excited.  On the travel front, I am looking to expand into at least one new city, so if you are reading this and want Me to pay your city a visit, let Me know.  I also have plans to launch a new content/membership site that I am hoping will be the embryo for something that the industry needs.  Look for more on that in the upcoming months.

So in bidding 2014 goodbye, I want to thank you all and wish you the very best for 2015.  Ring in the New Year safely and remember to keep it kinky!

Being Marked with Ayn’s A

“A’s” are turning up on all the most fashionable subs’ backsides.  It appears to be the fashion trend of the season- the “it mark”, if you will.  Don’t be caught without yours.

These beautiful A’s are the result of a custom made devil’s tail made by Foxy in Florida.  One of My favorite little sissy pain sluts gave Me this instrument about a year ago and I think it’s time to bring it back out of the closet.  It is the latest fashion accessory this year, and it goes with absolutely everything.  Line starts here.

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