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Product Review of Evotion Chastity Device

IMG_61344 out of 5 stars – ★★★★ 

Mistress Ayn asked me to review the Evotion chastity cage (  First, a bit of background:  I have been a chastity sub since 2012.  Originally I wore a Jailbird from Mature Metal, which was fine because it is a custom-fitted device, but it was simply not secure enough.  In addition, I had continual problems with the weight of a “ball-capture” device (166 grams with lock).  For these reasons, I abandoned this design and opted for devices designed to enclose just the glans of the penis and some of the shaft.  The concept here is that the cage rests sufficiently snugly on the back of the glans to hold all the weight of device, while the piercing provides security and proper positioning.  I got a Prince Albert (PA) piercing, but inasmuch as I am not circumcised, I got a “go-through” piercing of my foreskin as well.  Chastity devices for PAs almost always state that they are for circumcised males only.  From this point on, I wore a Lustlock Penicap, which I liked because of its light weight (28 grams with a substituted plastic lock).  Unfortunately, the plastic device became brittle with cleaning and age, and eventually it became unwearable.  At this point, the Penicap had gone out of production.  I replaced the Penicap with a Steelworxx Tube Jacket 2, which is made almost entirely from stainless steel and weighs much more (103 grams) than a Penicap.  Despite being a custom-fitted device, it was impossible to keep sufficient weight off of the PA piercing.  Mistress Ayn suggested I try an Evotion chastity device because one of its models (Model Seven) is both lightweight and designed for a PA piercing.  In addition, the company uses 3D printer technology to yield a seam-free, custom-fitted device in a variety of colors.

After supplying all the proper measurements, I bought a Model Seven with an internal lock ($265).  As a proper sub, I ordered it in pink.  I received an email that I could expect the device in 6 weeks.  It took almost 9 weeks.  As expected, the fit is excellent and there is almost no weight on the piercing.  The four pieces of the device interlock together perfectly.  My device weighs 38 grams.  There is always some minor pinching when wearing it, but I ignore this pinching as something to remind me of who I am.  The manufacturer suggests that the device is “inescapable when used with the piercing”, but as anyone who wears a chastity device knows, the only inescapable chastity device is, paradoxically, no chastity device, where it is so disrespectful to the keyholder to escape that escape is never considered.  The Model Seven is easy to put on and remove, something I appreciate for sake of hygiene. Nylon is an excellent, durable plastic, but only time will tell if it will suffer the same fate as my Penicap.  The manufacturer recommends cleaning in warm water and vinegar for odor control, and nylon does degrade in acidic solutions.  My only real dislike is that I ordered it in pink and whoever made my device must be colorblind (see picture).  I would be hard-pressed to call the Model Seven beautiful, but it has worked well so far, and I am pleased–as much as any chastity sub could be pleased being in chastity–with my purchase.


Product Review of The Hush Butt Plug


5 out of 5 stars – ★★★★★

Sometimes you get a new toy that just makes you smile and you like it so much you want to use it on everyone possible – well the Hush butt plug from Lovenese is one of those toys.  I was initially interested because the sales blurb said the plug could be controlled via Bluetooth allowing remote access across the miles.  Well, that’s interesting.  One of My best boys bought it for Me and we had the plug delivered to him so we could test it out.  A simple app download and we were off to the races – from a distance of over 400 miles.

So here is what I love about this toy:

  • Bluetooth allows you to control the vibration strength and pattern anywhere with cell service.
  • Unlike most vibrating plugs the motor is strong. A quick burst from the controller will get a grunt or moan from your bottom almost every time.
  • The neck of the plug is small, so it stays in. One of My biggest complaints about any plug is that they tend to fall out once your bottom starts moving.  Not this plug.  It absolutely stays in.
  • It’s silicone and waterproof so clean up is a breeze.
  • It’s USB rechargeable so there is no worrying with batteries.


My only suggestion to the manufacturer is they make one in a smaller size.  I have the small and it’s too big for a great number of My clients.

I have suggested this plug to several of My subs that I do phone sessions with.  What a wonderful way to control their ass from across the miles.



Product review: Venus 2000 Milker

Venus20005 out of 5 stars – ★★★★★

A couple of years ago, My wonderful sub charlie gave Me the gift that keeps on giving – The Venus 2000.  I really can’t say enough good things about the Venus.  It’s solid and well built; simple and elegant in its own way.  I’ve used it for awesome tease and denial scenes, medical “milking” scenes, forced orgasms and even post orgasm torture (just leave it running and see what happens) – pleasure soon turns to torment.

Using the Venus takes a bit of practice and finesse – but isn’t that typical of anything that is worth doing right?  Getting the suction and stroke settings just right (two separate controls) takes some adjusting and trial and error, but after a few trial runs I was able to do the necessary adjustments relatively quickly.  It does work much better on an erect penis than a flaccid one, but flaccid often become erect after just a few strokes of the Venus.  Warning:  this unit can be very effective at its job and premature ejaculation is a real hazard.  Keep your hand near the control.  

Because of hygiene issues, I use a condom with each use.  However, the best grip and suction occurs when used without a condom, so I suggest repeat clients buy their own custom receiver from the company.  It’s about a $40 investment and if necessary it can be shipped to Me and I can store it between sessions.

There are no legitimate cons of the product in My opinion.  It’s heavy, but that is a necessary evil of its construction.  Cleaning the receiver properly takes a bit of time even when a condom is used, but it’s not much worse than any other toy.  The cost is a major drawback for most – coming in at around $1000 – but you get what you pay for.

One of My subs enjoyed the Venus 2000 so much that he bought a unit for himself.  He loves it, but he says it’s just not the same without Me at the controls . . .

If you are curious to see the Venus in action, you can see it in this clip available on Clips4Sale or

Product Review: Electro CBT Board from Current Pleasures

cock board

Electro CBT Board from Current Pleasures

3 out of 5 stars ★★★☆☆

I received this electro device as a gift about a year ago. I am a big believer in trying devices out on Myself before they ever touch a slave, but in some cases I just don’t have the equipment to do the testing.  So instead, I tried it out on Atlanta Dungeon’s house slave, toxie.  I am glad I did.

Overall the board gets the job done, but there a few things that need to be noted:

  1. The board comes in several sizes, so be sure to measure properly prior to ordering.  This is not a one size fits all toy.
  2. Much like a chastity device, it’s best that your sub is flaccid or semi-flaccid when putting on the device.  The balls, then the cock have to all go through that one hole.
  3. To get the most from the toy you will need a one banana jack to two banana jack splitter (not included).  Without this splitter all the electro on the cock is concentrated on one section (either primarily the cock base or primarily the head), not spread across both sections, which can make it too intense for some.
  4. Putting the device on can be cumbersome.  You may feel like you need more than two hands.  That is the nature of such devious toys.  Don’t be shy about asking your sub to help out.
  5. When screwing down the plastic screws, be careful that skin is not in direct contact with them.  Otherwise, skin can get caught in the grooves as they twist and cause pain and lacerations.
  6. Be careful when pushing the connectors into place.  Depending on the placement of the cock and balls, the jack can go all the way through to the other side of the board and pierce the skin.

I have used this device numerous times over the past year.  I’ve gotten faster at getting it in place, but it does take time, so it’s not ideal for short sessions.  It’s best used when you have time to enjoy the mindfuck of the process and the visual that results.  On the plus side, the board provides a nice vice like grip to the cock and balls while delivering current to the right areas and it looks absolutely awesome once it’s on.  Bottom line:  If you are an electro aficionado, go for it.  If the idea of ratcheting all those screws down makes you sweat – take a pass.



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