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Help Me win a custom made corset. Vote!

Mistress Ayn UPDATE:  I am currently in first place, so let’s keep it that way.  2200 votes and counting . . .

Corset Deal is offering a custom tailored corset to the winner of their new photo contest. I threw My hat into the ring and am now needing all My fans’ support (and vote) in order to pull this one out.  you all want to see Me in a new corset, don’t you?   The more votes I get on this photo, the better chance I have at winning, so follow the link, search for Ayn if you don’t immediately see Me, and then click to vote. You need a facebook account to vote, but it doesn’t show your vote on your profile and you don’t have to hit the “share” button when you have finished.  That function doesn’t appear to be working anyway.

You can vote about every 6 hours, so vote often. If you vote, reply to this post and tell Me what number you were. I want to be able to thank all the people that helped.

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Photo courtesy of Goblin Fruit Photography.


Leather, Breathplay and the Venus 2000 – A Review on The Buzz

IMG_0983_2I often meet new and interesting subs when I travel and sometimes those subs think enough of our time together to plan a trip to Atlanta to see Me at Atlanta Dungeon.  I’ve been playing with the author of this review for a couple of year on My visits to Washington, DC and this year he has traveled to Atlanta twice so we could play.  He loves heavy bondage and the Dungeon has all the right stuff to keep him where he belongs – helpless.

These are excerpts from the review posted on The Buzz.

“She has such a combination of voice, looks, and language that gets me into subspace almost instantly. Just being in her presence makes me feel happy, safe and ready to try my best to please her.  This session was no different. . .

Now nipple play I love but have never been a big fan of having my balls hit. However, because of our connection I found myself thrusting out my pelvis to give her a better target. When she says “Take it for me” I want nothing more than to meet her desires to the maximum of my ability . . .

The next step was a heavy metal clamp added to my manhood to increase the pressure. She then moved me to her bondage chair and added weights to the clamp to make the CBB even better. She then put on the most lovely leather gloves which is a real hot button for me. She teased various parts of me with her gloves and drove me insane. By the time she was done I was emotionally spent and thinking I couldn’t give much more than I already had and we still had some 2 hours of time to go together. Mistress Ayn got me out of the chair and then let me get back to earth with some lovely worship of her leather boot, gloves and skirt. This was very calming and let me gather my emotions for the next step.

She then spent time prepping me for a great pounding . . .  I was now ready but she said she wanted to look me in the eye while she pounded me so I was moved to her sling. After her prep work there was no problem getting deep and making me her clear and drooling bitch . . .

She had me put on a gasmask with rebreather bags that could be used for breath control. I was then tied to her bondage bed and she broke out the Venus 2000 . . .  Mistress Ayn is an absolute master at the use of the Venus to extract the most explosive finish to any scene. Her expert use of the dials led to teasing and edging while controlling my air with the mask. Over and over I thought this was the end but she would stretch it out again. It was the most fantastic ride that finally ended in the most intense whole body explosion I have ever known:)

So in conclusion I heartily endorse both Mistress Ayn and Atlanta Dungeon. If you and her are compatible you will have a fantastic time together. And the dungeon while actually in a major US city is remarkably secluded with free on site parking that makes the logistical part of the session very easy. I know I can’t wait until her next trip here to DC or my next trip to Atlanta:)”

To read the full review visit The Buzz.

FAQ #23 – Is it necessary to have my session in a real Dungeon?

Atlanta DungeonI am often asked if I do outcalls and the answer is “NO”.  To Me, nothing compares to a session in a real, fully equipped dungeon.  I session in hotels when I travel out of necessity, but you can’t have a St. Andrew’s Cross or a spanking bench in a hotel room.  It’s not only about the equipment, it is the whole atmosphere.  For a submissive, knowing that you have walked into the lair of a Dominant Woman is akin to walking into the lair of a Lioness.  It fills you with awe and fear  . . . and it should.

In the fully equipped Atlanta Dungeon I have a medical room, a main dungeon room, an isolation room (scream as loud as you like) an small domestic/reception area and a sissy/confinement room, so I can choose the best atmosphere for the planned session.

A real dungeon is where I am in My element.  That is where I belong and that is where you should submit.


Tired of ordinary sessions? Maybe it’s time to have your Mind Fucked.

Let Me Fuck your Mind.

Mistress Ayn


MindFuck Productions are something I naturally evolved into doing.  As a Mistress’s reputation grows and the trust of Her clientele grows with Her, it’s natural that subs start to become open to more elaborate encounters.  I have had the opportunity to plan and execute some extremely complex and challenging sessions.  (Be patient.  I will give you the chance to read about some of them in a moment.)  In fact, more extreme, edgy session requests seem to be trending.  More and more I am asked for multi-hour, multi-player events.  Thankfully, as a result of My association with the Ladies of Atlanta Dungeon, I am able to make almost any dream into a reality.

So what is a MindFuck Production?  It is a full immersion into a reality you have only dreamed about.  They rip away reality and replace it with O/our shared reality.  It is the opportunity to get lost and love it.  They can last for several hours or several days.  I have done abductions, blackmail scenarios, interrogation/imprisonment events, parties and public outings, just to name a few.

Want to know more and read the synopsis and reviews of some of the Productions.  Click here –> Mistress Ayn’s MindFuck Productions.

Submissive ria rocket makes her film debut on

chairYou have seen her photos and heard about sessions with her, but now is your chance to see the professional submissive miss rocket earn her stripes.  Her first clip, Naughty slaves get OTK was released today on

In the clip, Mistress Ultra Violet and I enter the dungeon expecting Our two slaves to be hard at work cleaning the dungeon. Instead We find sissy maid rachel, lazily dusting and little miss ria is fast asleep. Incensed, We Dommes decide to punish the slaves right on the spot with a dual OTK (over the knee) spanking. We start with one over each of Our knees, ass to ass. Once their bottoms are a nice shade of pink, I turn sissy rachel around and instruct him to put his nose in ria’s ass crack – while they both continue to be spanked. In the end, both their asses are a bright shade of red and both subs are made to worship their Mistresses’ boots to show their appreciation for their training.

Click here to watch the trailer.


More to come:

In the upcoming weeks ria will appear in several other videos including forced orgasm, tease & denial, flogging, whipping and more.  She is great at getting little slave boys in trouble and driving them into a sexual frenzy.  Don’t miss a single clip.  Visit and join today.

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