IMG_5264_003-1_2cropA MindFuck Production is the ultimate BDSM adventure.  I will take you and your secret fantasies on an exquisite journey, beyond any dream, to places and spaces you've never been.

Ready to take your Domme/sub experience to the next level?  Do you want to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and live your wildest fantasies?  Finally ready to lose yourself completely - having no concept of time or the illusion of control?  Then it's time to apply for a MindFuck Production. These events are staged using My extensive resources and well-documented talents to turn your dreams into an experience you will always remember.

Utilizing your fantasies and My creative mind, I will produce a mind altering experience that lets you escape into My world.  I will take you places you have only dreamed about and possibly dared yet consider.  I will find that secret longing and exploit it for O/our mutual pleasure.

Examples of actual Mistress Ayn Productions:

The Party Favor - This Production consisted of an initial double Domme session where the "male chauvinist pig" was degraded, humiliated and beaten to get him into his proper slave mindset.  Once the ego was successfully stripped away, this now-willing sissy underwent a full transformation (complete with professional makeup artist) including wig, dress and shoes.  While his transformation was taking place, a contingency of My Domme friends started to arrive.  Champagne and hors d'oeuvres were served and the mood became quite festive.  Soon the little sissy was the main party favor - being passed around from Mistress to Mistress while an audience of "vanilla" women watched.  This was a night no sub would soon forget - this one never will.  A 5 hour duration.

The Kidnapping - Imagine waiting at your hotel bar for your Mistress to join you.  She is late and you are beginning to think you have been stood up.  The phone rings and it is Her.  She gives you an address and tells you that you have 15 minutes to get there.  That's how the night begins - thrown off balance, disoriented - and it only gets better.  Hypnotic music plays in the headphones and the blindfold prevents you from knowing who is driving and where you are going.  Instructions are given and trust is required to venture down the dark path all alone.  Who will answer the door when you knock?  What will they do to you once you are inside?  Time loses all meaning and you learn the true nature of surrender.

This kidnapping took place over 7+ hours, involved 3 cars, 5 locations an undisclosed number of players - and not one minute of it was in My Dungeon.  It was truly epic.  Read the review of this MindFuck Production on Max Fisch.

Date with a Dominatrix - The night starts like many others have started.  A sumptuous meal in an elegant restaurant, champagne sparkling in a crystal flute - but across from you is no ordinary Woman and you are no ordinary man.  The collar around your neck makes that clear to your waitress and anyone else who cares to notice.  The meal is just the beginning and is the last vestige of normalcy the evening will hold.  your next destination is a public dungeon.  This is no ordinary date.  After your Mistress and Her friend have used you in public - much to your secret delight - it is back to Her private dungeon where you massage Her feet and cater to Her every whim.  Then it's time to start all over again . . .  Read a review of this MindFuck Production on The Erotic Review

The Slumber Party - 12 hours in the dungeon with Me is not for the faint at heart, but throw in another hot Mistress and a slutty little brat of a slave girl and the ante goes up substantially.   In this world, you belong to Me.  you are there for My amusement and the amusement of My friends.  I will test you as I see fit and I will punish you when I deem necessary.  you are Mine.  This was a night filled with extreme tease and denial and punishment.  "Are you getting pleasure from the clips on My slave girl's pussy?  Is that little man clit of yours hard?  Then I guess I will  need to punish it." And so it goes . . . "Mistress Ultra Violet, are you happy with the ass worship this slave is giving you?  Neither am I.  I think it is time for a spanking." On and on . . . "I don't trust you not to stroke that little clitty after I lock you up, so I am going to put on this tight fitting diaper.  That way you won't bother Me to go to the bathroom either . . . " Read the review of this MindFuck Production on Max Fisch

Are you worthy of being the star of My next Production?  I will take you on an adventure that will punish your body, fuck your mind and touch your inner soul.  Toss aside the concept of a "normal session" and embark on the ultimate MindFuck - a Production staged and produced by Mistress Ayn.

If we have never sessioned together before, an application, references and deposit are required to book your Production.  Trust Me.  you will never be the same.

 FemDom Mansion

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