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Except from gls's review on The Mistress Review:  Subs and sluts like me travel great distances to serve Mistress Ayn because of this long term bond that develops. i have served other Mistresses prior to Mistress Ayn but i have never felt such a strong connection both in and out of session. Those of you who are regulars will understand what I mean . . .  Lots of sluts and subs want to experience a strap-on but in my experience few Mistress are actually any good at it, or get pleasure from it. Mistress Ayn is an expert and as a subscriber to Ayn Rules when i watch her in a strap-on scene i am taken right back to the many sessions i have had with her . . .

Excerpt from lowcountrysub's latest review on Max Fisch: Here's the deal - a three hour tour of the dungeon with stops in medical, St. Andrews cross and oh yeah a detour from complete attachment to my body (you will find out more about that the next time you see Her) and 3 eruptions that were uncontrollably drawn from me by the deliciously evil Venus 2000 and the sensual touch of the #1 Dominatrix anywhere, sent me to a place that can only be talked about with others that have been there. 

Excerpt from ssbrown's review on Max Fisch:  While my original record implied this fantasy of mine, and my need for such treatments, She really hit the nail on the head with this one. Apart from violating all my orifices, She subjected me to an approximation of what it is like to feel Feminine discomfort, pain and humiliation. So there i lie on the exam table with my legs spread apart, feet in stirrups, my naked body exposed, and my sissy hole examined, stretched, and probed. It was all so titillating. She really made me feel what i needed to feel, feminine suffering in order to help me learn more about Women. 

Excerpt from slut steve's review on The Mistress Review:  "She then hooded me (which I hate since it denies me opportunity to gaze on her beauty) - but which she did so that she could attached her devilishly wicked NT device on my chest.  It clamped and stretched my tiny nipples to the point of breaking - 'Just one more turn my precious.'  When she took off the blindfold it was a truly breathtaking sight!!" 

 Excerpts from wizard6931's "Juicy Details" review on TER:   "Caroline was attached to the cross facing me and began rubbing her body against mine. She is a wonderful flirt and quickly got us both in trouble with Mistess Ayn who proceeded to flog caroline's ass then use the flogger between caroline's legs to punish both her pussy and my balls . . . 

Mistress used hers to begin stimulation of my prostate and then withdrew and began using a tool which I never did see to increase the stimulation. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I very quickly began leaking and as Mistress continued the process she raved about the amount I was producing. I finally begged her to stop and allow me to recover. She did but had me move to the medical room where she strapped me on my back with my feet in the stirrups and prepared me for her rosebud sounds . . . " 

Excerpt from g_alot's "juicy details" review on TER:  "My heart was about to come out of my chest . . .  I was instructed to climb onto the medical table and place my legs in the stirrups.  She took this opportunity to examine my sissy hole.  According to her, and she was dead on, I was a mere child and probably had not even had my first period yet.  With that she proceeded to allow me to experience my first period.  I was strapped down and given a large enema.  All the while she was reminding me of how much of a cute, little, sissy slut I was.  After the enema was over she proceeded to put a pink plug in me, and lipstick on my lips . .  After some time, I was really cramping by now, she determined it was time for me to empty my bowels.  I was led to the bathroom and she removed the plug and demanded me to expel my contents on her demand; to which I did.  Following my cleansing, I was once again place on the exam table and my sissy hole training took place. . ." 

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What can I say . . . She is one of the best active pros in the business . . .  View Thread

 . . .there is no one better at assessing a sub's needs, limits and boundaries than Mistress Ayn.  View Thread

. . . She certainly keeps getting better with an endless creativity that makes every session better than the last one.  View Thread

Exerpt from atlhiker2's "juicy details" review on TER: I have to admit that at this point I was pretty deep down the hole into subspace and barely noticed the Wartenburg wheel. It was at this point that Mistress Ayn got truly devious, she then began to use a vibrator on my cock in addition to the electricity. I don’t know how long she kept me on and off the edge but it felt like forever and only five minutes at the same time . . . 


While I have had a good time with other dommes, many of those sessions were built around mutually enjoyable activities which I totally understand since as a client the domme obviously wants the submissive to return. Mistress Ayn took a chance with an activity that was not on my favorites list, but really in the end led to a better experience as far as putting me into subspace.”


Excerpt from 007smokey's "juicy details" review on TER:  I was intrigued from the moment I met Mistress Ayn. If I was at a social or business dinner in my vanilla life (and I attend a lot of them) and I met Her, I would re-arrange the place-cards so that I could sit beside her. All one has to do is see the twinkle in her eye, observe the way she carries herself, and hear her voice to know that she would always be the most interesting person in any room . . .


From the moment I walked in the door until I left just over three hours later I was mesmerized by Mistress Ayn’s beauty, her mannerisms and the amazing things she does in session. A good session becomes a great session only if the Dominatrix can, in a special way, become your it girl. The concept of It is that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force. With It you win all men if you are a woman and all women if you are a man . . .


Excerpt from MYNSLV11's "juicy details" review on TER: She laid me on the ground and smothered me with what has to be one of the most beautiful asses i have ever seen. All of this was leading up to a finish with Her standing above me verbally controlling my release so as to time it with Hers. All throughout our time together She whispered thoughts and instructions in my ear allowing not only the mental part of our session to take hold, but also allowing me to feel Her soft hair and smell Her sweet scent.


Excerpt from ednick's review posted on TER:  What separates [Mistress Ayn] from your typical Dominatrix is her sensuality and her ability to mindfuck you with the best. You not only willingly suffer and degrade yourself to limits you had only dreamed of, but you do so with reckless abandon and a desire to please her - whatever it takes.


I have seen most of the Mistresses here in Atlanta at one time or another, but none have been able to hold my interest for more than one or two sessions.  I just never seem to be able to make that all important connection.  You, on the other hand, take my breath away.  Our sessions have the perfect blend of eroticism and control.  You always seem to know what I need.  My head is still in the clouds from our last session and I am sure I will relive it over and over until it is time to worship you again. - Mike

Review posted by:  jf on The Mistress Review

I have been with a couple of pro-Dommes local to me before, but I was always disappointed – almost to the point of giving up. I decided that, since I had a trip to Atlanta planned, I would check out a Dominatrix there – they had to be better than here. I narrowed my choices to three or four, figuring I couldn’t go wrong with any of them, but ultimately decided to see Mistress Ayn. I was not disappointed at all with my choice! I arrived at her dungeon (and what a dungeon it is – look around and it can be very intimidating), and was greeted by Mistress Ayn, whose looks just blew me away. Her photographer doesn’t do her justice! We chatted a bit, discussed safe words, and then the “fun” began. In our correspondence prior to meeting, I mentioned that I wanted to give total control to her. I didn’t tell her what I wanted to happen, although I told her my hard limits. I also mentioned that I wanted to see how much I could take of whatever She dished out. Well, She dished it out. It was great! I had promised myself that I wouldn’t use the safe word (and I never did), but there were a few times that I was very, very close.

Without getting into too many “dirty details”, Mistress Ayn performed nipple torture on me (72 hours later, and they’re still sore – a wonderful feeling, I must add). There was also some CBT (ouch), some corporal (I still have marks, again, 72 hours later), and some anal play. Mistress Ayn looked delicious in her lab coat as She took care of preparing me for what was to come. It was truly a spectacular experience. Mistress Ayn said She wanted to push me, and She was true to Her word!! During the session, Mistress Ayn was very supportive and reassuring as She put me through my paces. She gave me hints of what to expect, but always with a very sensual “you’ll do this for Me” attitude. After Mistress Ayn was finished with me, it took me quite a while to “recover” to the point of getting my thoughts together. I was still quivering for a good bit of time, but Mistress Ayn was very patient and supportive and helpful as I came back to “normal”. It probably is a good thing that I don’t live close to Atlanta, or I’d do all I could to spend my time (and money) with this hot, gorgeous, stunning, wonderful Lady. Wow! If You have the chance to be with Mistress Ayn, don’t pass it up! I wish I had an excuse to go back there right now.


Excerpt from AtlPhilosopher's "juicy details" review on TER: Then I was tied up on the floor again. I was given strict orders not to cum. If I did, the punishment would be severe. Then Mistress Ayn alternated between pleasure and pain. If I got close to cumming, she would inflict pain until I was no longer close to cumming. She went back and forth like this for quite some time. It was maddening. “I can take it”… What was I thinking?!

I so enjoyed our Session on Tuesday. Great dungeon space, great atmosphere and awesome connection!!  You are very engaging and obviously very experienced.  I love the deep sub-space and opportunity to be totally disconnect for a few hours. You had me experience some of the longest and most intense sensations I have felt in a very long time. I would enjoy the privilege to play with you again. Many thanks. J in FLA

Excerpt from jrodger's "juicy details" review of The Cougar and The Kitten on TER:  She took control of the slave girl and me and used her sexy body to tease both of us. She whipped the slave girl and also whipped my ass. I was made to worship both sexy bodies, sniff their panties, and eventually allowed to cum while the slave girl came just inches from my face. This was an experience that will never be forgotten. I will definitely repeat.

Review posted by:  B on The Mistress Review

Mistress Ayn was my first BDSM experience. I had always wanted to serve a mistress, but I have always been too shy, too reserved. I didn't think that I'd ever get to live out some of my fantasies. I contacted Mistress Ayn, both nervous and hopeful. I told her that I was a very shy and introverted person, asking her if she could work with me. She was very understanding of my shyness, assuring me that everything would be OK. I came to trust her, and I showed up to her dungeon as scheduled. When I arrived, I was so nervous that I was shaking a little. She let me know that everything was alright, that I was in good hands, and even gave me a tour of her dungeon and showed me some of her tools. I came to trust her, and decided to go ahead and submit to her. Once the session began, Mistress Ayn was strictly business. At the start of our session, I displeased her, and she punished me. The discipline was quite severe, and I understood at that moment that I should obey her. As I type this, 2 days, later, I can still easily pull down my pants and see the marks on my buttocks from where she disciplined me. For a little over an hour, and what seemed like an eternity, Mistress Ayn made me bend completely to her will. As humiliating as it was, I performed acts for the Mistress that I can't even summon the courage to type. It was more than I could have ever even imagined for my first experience. At the end, I had to call out a safe word. Mistress Ayn was very understanding of this, and we broke character. At this point, she began to speak to me intelligently and nicely as I put my clothes back on. I could tell that she seemed proud of the things I did for her. I felt so alive. Even after seeing her, I can't help but to think of my encounter with her. It is something that I definitely plan on doing again. 

Review posted by:  subz on Max Fisch

Mistress Ayn of Atlanta, GA is everything the other reviewers say, and of course, so much more. I've experienced the pleasure/pain of several sessions under her control and can't wait for the next one. Her intelligent and devious nature makes her a perfect Dom who loves what she does and does it expertly. 

Yes, you never know what to expect and she knows exactly how to keep you guessing. Sometimes emails are exchanged that help set my mind to a pre-session state of high anticipation so I'm trembling long before I even walk in the door. Other times, little is said beforehand but, the unknown can be just as bad, and lately, I found out what a painful surprise it can be.

I am not a really experienced sub but with each session Mistress Ayn pushes my limits and takes me further than the one before. Recently I have found my nipples to be exceedingly sensitive to her numerous methods of torture, especially having a pinwheel dance around my clamped nipples knowing it would soon be dancing across their very sensitive tips. Mistress is also an expert with clothespins and more than once I have experienced her special CBT porcupine with only a painful way out.

On my last session I immediately had my balls stretched to the limit, yet Mistress Ayn only smiled as she added even more weight to them. After testing my reactions to a few drop swings of the ball parachute, it is was onto the cross where my butt received a well applied punishment from her crop while the weights were kept swinging between my legs. At this point, things were just warming up - mostly my butt although my balls were experiencing a new sensation too!

With my hands secured behind my back, I was given a "simple test," which I actually managed to just pass - carefully removing both her high heels with only my lips. Of course, there is always another test and I failed getting pass the garter clips that held her stockings that were to be removed next. This resulted in me kneeling on the floor with my wrists and ankles secured together and my butt fully exposed to more punishment from above. My heart really skipped a beat when I could see Mistress had chosen the cane, my very first introduction to the nasty stick, for my already reddened butt. She must have sensed this and went easy on me, but while still left secured and defenseless, I was told it was time for me to complete my slut training. I was in no position to argue and certainly did not want to see the cane again! It was another first for me, and although it did hurt at the start, Mistress Ayn had her way with me completely. Mistress told me afterwards that I am now her slut, a place I've never been before and can only wonder where it will lead.  Another great session. - subz6


I want to thank you for a great session the other day and give you some feedback so you'll know what works best for your control over me. Really the whole session was perfect from beginning to end, and I'm still trying to remember all the little wicked parts. You do know how to keep a slave guessing, so many toys and not enough time as I'm sure you say.

What an exciting way to start - bound hand to foot with my butt in the air at your mercy. I was fortunate to see part of my punishment in the mirror, thank you for letting me face that way. I left with both the visual memory of you standing over me with the crop and the red butt to match. I think I should have stayed there longer to more fully experience the love/hate pain and pay for my failings, but you are a kind mistress and know my limits better.

From our session I have found I do need to be bound and exposed to your mercy. It was my first time with a gag and it was necessary for my introduction to your TENs unit. This was much better than our first experience with electro play. Although I had a small comfort when you held me to the pads, I'm sure I would dread the device if your hands were free at the controls all the time to bring me up and down and up higher at your desire and my pleading. Talking of dreaded devices, the wicked little pinwheel will not be soon forgotten. I think I almost bit the gag in half when it ran across my clamped nipple and to wait helpless for the other side...much worse.

Finally harnessed in your cock you take on an awesome Dom persona, and I was left speechless, especially when it was down my throat! As I tried to say - sucking cock was a first for me, as was my intro to slut training, both of which I hope I passed.  My prior restrictions added to the tease and denial throughout the session amplified the whole experience as I'm sure you are aware from your delight at my suffering. The ending in CBT porcupine without a chance at mercy was a finish that left a lasting memory.

Perhaps some day soon we will continue my training as you keep me under your spell, until then, thanks for another great session.

At your service,

Review posted by:  matt on The Mistress Review

Overnight with My Dominatrix

I did an overnight session with Mistress Ayn. I had done a shorter session with her before so I felt confident she was the best for the overnight experience. If you have ever been skydiving, it felt like that, only it lasted for 12 hours. A total twisting of time and space. We started out in the dungeon. She put me on the rack, then teased and tortured me. Then she caned my ass hard. I am not sure how long this went on. I was already loosing track of time. We got cleaned up and went out. First we went to this bar that was in a basement. It had no signs and you have to knock on the door for someone to let you in. We talked about the Atlanta BDSM scene and community. She has lived in a few places around the country and really like the cohesiveness and creativity of the community here. Then we went to a club that had just put on a burlesque show. My ass was burning the whole time from the caning. Then it was back to the dungeon for more restraint, teasing and torture. Mistress Ayn is sensual most of the time but gets into corporal punishment too. She watches me closely and quickly corrects any misbehavior. I think she would be great at humiliation but that was not my thing and we did not go there much. I am blindfolded and thinking I can’t take any more when I hear Empress Ming enter the dungeon. I can’t believe it. Then the blindfold comes off and there she is. Two beautiful mistresses go at me with nipple torture and CBT. Empress Ming is scary: all business, wondering why I am not screaming. So she turned up the pressure until I am screaming like crazy. I am glad Mistress Ayn was there. It was like good cop / bad cop. At one point they left me alone, tied up with the TENS unit going. My memory gets a bit fuzzy after that. Eventually my ankle was chained and I was left to sleep on the floor while Mistress Ayn slept in the bed. In the morning there was more torture before I was released. It was an amazing experience. Not like the shorter sessions. It was a glimpse of a fantasy lifestyle. If you are considering this, I highly recommend you take the plunge.

Thanks for a great session. I am still processing it. It definitely got me out of a rut in my thinking. I came out of the session with my head in the clouds and feeling no pain. I did nothing for a few hours.  I thought about things in my past that I have not thought about in awhile. It helps me set my priorities better.  Hope that does not sound too philosophical. - pat


More from bert:  Thanks for the best session I ever had.  You have completely captivated me (pun intended).  I am also enchanted by you.  You have an incredibly imaginative mind.  I can't wait to see what new things happen at the next session. I have decided to come to Atlanta sooner than I had originally planned and I have been thinking about a birthday present for you . . . your bert


Thank you again for yesterday's inaugural session. The lead up to, and the "moment of truth" were all grand. It was everything I hoped it would be. I am very excited about getting together again soon.  I will be ordering some of the apparel we discussed yesterday. I am hopeful it will work well with your well-toned figure (also very impressive yesterday).  I guess I could let you know when everything has come in and you could plan a window of time at the Chamber where I could bring the items by. You could even play it for fun with your Vienna theme and pretend I was ordered by you to acquire these items for your trip and you summon me to report with them "immediately".   Oh, and by the way - the device arrived today. - slave 1749


Review posted by:  michael on Mistress Review

Mistress Ayn is a wondrous and beguiling Lifestyle and Pro Dominatrix. She has a sharp mind, a clever tongue and above all is drop dead sexy. From the initial contact thru the end of the session, she will challenge you to meet her standards and demands. She is well versed in many aspects of BDSM - see her website for the full details. Her sessions can be both mental and physical, and she will personally tailor it to your experience level, while taking you thru some new and likely very rewarding experiences. She enjoys her work and it shows. If you are in Atlanta, she is worth it. I'm anxiously anticipating my next session with her. 

Review posted by:  deepsubATL on Max Fisch

I recently had the absolute pleasure of submitting to the lovely and talented Mistress Ayn. The experience began long before I set foot in her dungeon. My initial contact with her was via email - I sent her my interests per her website application – a pretty typical and standard process for today’s Dommes. It was the subsequent email and phone call prior to the session that really set the stage. Taking into consideration my interests, she had me mentally and physically preparing for the session days in advance. This created a wonderful, submissive mindset for me. It filled the days and hours leading up to the session with an ever increasing sense of anticipation.

The session itself was wonderful – she really knows how to get into your head. Her demeanor was a great mix of playful, flirtatious, stern and downright devious. She is equally experienced in both the physical and mental aspects of BDSM. Her dungeon is meticulously clean and very nicely equipped. She easily had me both mentally and physically on edge the entire two hours that I was in her tender clutches.

My stomach is tight with anticipation as I am counting down the days to my next session with her. If you haven’t sessioned with her yet, she is a real treat. If you have, you already know what I am talking about.

Review posted by:  bert on Max Fisch

I just had one of my best domination sessions ever. Not only is mistress Ayn beautiful, but she also has an exceptional understanding of and creativity in domination. She has a beautiful face, great body, and wonderful hair. The session was so special for me because of Ayn’s grasp and experience in psycho-drama. She knew just what to say and do to excite me for the whole session. There was never a boring or routine moment. She made sure that she understood what are my fantasies and interests before we got started. I mentioned that I like surprises, and I got lots of them like the tests that I had to perform and kept failing. Since I am into sophisticated sensuous dominance, not many mistresses can meet my expectations. The session with Ayn was like a dream come true. The most magical moment came when Ayn pinned me to the floor and brought her beautiful face close to mine with her hair glowing all around her head. I was captivated physically, psychologically, and emotionally. I can’t wait until my next session with Mistress Ayn, which has already been scheduled.

Review posted by:  atlantasissy on Max Fisch

I had the opportunity to session with Mistress Ayn recently, and was impressed with her experience, beauty and professionalism. She reminds me of the attractive corporate manager you have a crush for but cannot act on. She is more attractive than her pics which are already very nice. One of the best parts of our session was the communication, she and I shared several emails and spoke before we played- it made for a much better session than your typical first time out with a Domme.

Mistress requested I arrive at her upscale, gated dungeon in North Atlanta wearing stretch pants and ballet flats. I had to walk approxiametly 100 yards so it was nerve wracking but also a rush. Once I was inside she had me get into a chair, hands tied behind my back and proceded to paint my face like her pretty girlfriend- emphasis on heavy eye makeup and lipstick. After all this work she wanted to be pampered and allowed me to show my appreciation with a foot bath and massage.

Mistress had me do an outfit change into skirt, slinky chemise and heels and strut for her amusement. Finally I was restrained on the gyno table with my feet in stirrups and endured what could be best described as a very invasive checkup.

Mistress Ayn is a strong addition to the great list of Atlanta lifestyle pros!!


"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our session. I appreciate the fact that you took it easy on me it being my first time and all. I didn't really know what to expect. All I knew of femdom is what I've seen in porn and that's a little scary. You were great. Your flirtatious attitude put me at ease from the beginning and you showed me so much. The dungeon was a bit intimidating with all that equipment but exploring it with you was fun and sexy. I have been practicing the position you taught me and I am sure I will be able to do it better in our next session. Looking forward to it." - Shawn


"I travel to Atlanta regularly on business and have had the opportunity to work with several local dommes there. I have to say that I have a new favorite. Mistress Ayn is sexy as hell, but it goes beyond that. She has a sharp mind that does not disappoint. One of the things I enjoy most about a session is being able to let everything go and not having to think. If a session goes right, I get a real chance to decompress. I had that in spades with Ayn. From the beginning I felt that nothing was left to chance. She had read my application and knew exactly where to lead the session. She drips confidence and you can tell by the way she had everything organized that she is the perfectionist she claims to be. And everything WAS spotlessly clean. That's huge to me. Nothing kills a buzz like wondering where that ball gag has been :-)

I am not as much into punishment as I am tests and ordeals. And I love being torn down by humiliation and then being able to redeem myself with a test. Not every domme can pull that off, but Mistress Ayn did it effortlessly. I swear, she had me in subspace in less than 10 minutes and then time ceased to exist. Being told I had succeeded and was allowed to cum was the ultimate reward. Being able to look at her beautiful ass while I did it was nirvana." -Mark in LA

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