"Thank you so much for allowing me to take you to dinner.  As you know I have wanted to do this for a long time and I am glad you finally said "YES".  I knew it would be great but I had no idea how great.  Everyone looking at us - you were stunning in your black cocktail dress!  I have been interested in public humiliation for some time and the control you had over me was so exciting.  Not allowing me to order for myself, cutting my food for me, denying me desert while I watched you eat yours.  It was everything I had hoped it would be - but when you handed me that little black velvet bag and told to go to the bathroom, my heart jumped.  I had a suspicion what was in there but I couldn't wait to see for myself.  My heart raced all the way to the bathroom.  I swear when I opened that bag, I almost came right there on the spot.  Thank you again for an unforgettable night.  Hopefully you will indulge your "pet" again soon."  - Richard,  Atlanta, GA

"Hello Mistress Ayn.  You are a Goddess.  Thank You for allowing me to worship Your feet.  i could do so for hours.  i hope You found my massage abilities satisfactory.  i have located the special lotion You requested and would like to give it to You in person and worship You again. Your humble servant, greg"

"To whom it may concern:  I survived my first domination experience .  .  .  and loved it!  I have to admit I was more than a bit nervous not knowing what to expect, but Mistress Ayn took control quickly and I was able just to let go and just enjoy.  Isn't that what it is supposed to be about?  Anyway, I discovered a few things I really liked and want to experiment more with.  The bondage was fun.  It was very  erotic having her put the rope around me and tying the various knots, rubbing against me and talking to me the whole time and telling me what I pretty package I was going to be when she finished with me.   In the end, her "pretty package" couldn't move.  Feeling completely helpless with her and completely at her mercy was exciting too.  Then she did what she called light CBT on me.  It was heaven, not torture at all, but I am sure she could make it torture if she wanted to.  At the end she told me I had been a good boy and I was allowed release.   All I can say is thank you, Mistress Ayn.  It was an unforgettable experience!" - JB