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Product Review: Electro CBT Board from Current Pleasures

cock board

Electro CBT Board from Current Pleasures

3 out of 5 stars ★★★☆☆

I received this electro device as a gift about a year ago. I am a big believer in trying devices out on Myself before they ever touch a slave, but in some cases I just don’t have the equipment to do the testing.  So instead, I tried it out on Atlanta Dungeon’s house slave, toxie.  I am glad I did.

Overall the board gets the job done, but there a few things that need to be noted:

  1. The board comes in several sizes, so be sure to measure properly prior to ordering.  This is not a one size fits all toy.
  2. Much like a chastity device, it’s best that your sub is flaccid or semi-flaccid when putting on the device.  The balls, then the cock have to all go through that one hole.
  3. To get the most from the toy you will need a one banana jack to two banana jack splitter (not included).  Without this splitter all the electro on the cock is concentrated on one section (either primarily the cock base or primarily the head), not spread across both sections, which can make it too intense for some.
  4. Putting the device on can be cumbersome.  You may feel like you need more than two hands.  That is the nature of such devious toys.  Don’t be shy about asking your sub to help out.
  5. When screwing down the plastic screws, be careful that skin is not in direct contact with them.  Otherwise, skin can get caught in the grooves as they twist and cause pain and lacerations.
  6. Be careful when pushing the connectors into place.  Depending on the placement of the cock and balls, the jack can go all the way through to the other side of the board and pierce the skin.

I have used this device numerous times over the past year.  I’ve gotten faster at getting it in place, but it does take time, so it’s not ideal for short sessions.  It’s best used when you have time to enjoy the mindfuck of the process and the visual that results.  On the plus side, the board provides a nice vice like grip to the cock and balls while delivering current to the right areas and it looks absolutely awesome once it’s on.  Bottom line:  If you are an electro aficionado, go for it.  If the idea of ratcheting all those screws down makes you sweat – take a pass. Affiliate Program now available

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A long term sub talks about his training – A Review

Mistress Ayn
Long term D/s relationships have certain benefits. Among them is a higher level of trust that allows the Domme to push the submissive’s limits farther.  I understand that some subs what to “hop” from Domme to Domme, experiencing new things, but they will never enjoy the highest highs that a dedicated sub can achieve with his true Mistress.

This lengthy review helps put that into perspective – from the subs point of view.  Here are a few excerpts.  The full review can be read at The Mistress Review.  Reviews on that site are in date order, newest are last, so scroll to the bottom of the page to view.  It’s dated September 2015, by Anonymous.

“I have been serving Mistress Ayn for more than 5 years.  Sometimes We/we manage to session 3 times a year and sometimes just once. i don’t get to serve Mistress Ayn as much as i would like because i live a thousand miles from Atlanta, and my work no longer brings me as close to Her Dungeon as often as it should.  As a distance limited sub i have been enjoying overnight sessions to maximize my time in service . . . 

Eating dinner with a remote controlled vibrator in close proximity to ones more private parts and under the control Mistress Ayn is always memorable, and can be disconcerting (and extremely pleasurable).  This time it was suggested, and i agreed, that we would spend 5 hours in the Dungeon and then enjoy Our/our dinner in the afterglow of a great session. There would be no sub sleepover this time and no topping from the bottom.

I arrived on time and was greeted, as always, with a warm welcome and a brief catch up. I can’t imagine serving a Dominatrix for years and not having a strong and warm reconnection when seeing each other again.  Subs and sluts like me travel great distances to serve Mistress Ayn because of this long term bond that develops. i have served other Mistresses prior to Mistress Ayn but i have never felt such a strong connection both in and out of session. Those of you who are regulars will understand what I mean . . . 

Early on in Our/our relationship while i was in deep sub space, i remember Her asking me during strap-on play, in that sexy whisper that demands attention, if i would take her cock after it took me simply because it would give her pleasure and feed her needs.  All of you know what she was asking don’t you?  This sensuous dirty talk drives me deeper into her control . . .  When i first began serving Mistress Ayn, i had a list of limits and no go zones that was quite extensive. my list was based on fear, lack of trust and a lack of understanding.

Blindfolds – they used to be at the top of my list of never, ever going to happen. That was then, this is now and I am now hooded and blindfolded as Her mood strikes. Losing one sensation enhances the others, and this time i am left alone facing outward hooded and tied to the cross. Today I am also gagged with a ball gag.   I hear footsteps, two sets of footsteps.  Obviously Mistress Ayn has invited someone else to our session.  What happened next i can only leave to your imagination, but the encounter, totally directed by Mistress Ayn, not only put me in my place, it also left me reeling . . .

It is not just physical experience with Mistress Ayn, it is her constant talking to you, Her slut, as She takes you and owns you that makes this experience so unique and powerful. Many of Her subs and sluts may have partners,  but all of us know that Mistress Ayn truly owns us.

Lots of sluts and subs want to experience a strap-on but in my experience few Mistress are actually any good at it, or get pleasure from it. Mistress Ayn is an expert and as a subscriber to Ayn Rules when i watch her in a strap-on scene i am taken right back to the many sessions i have had with her . . . 

Within minutes, hours, days (who knows) I am writhing on the edge of ecstasy from Her fingers on my nipples.  Things stop and I feel something being slipped over me, i am now meeting for the first time Mistress Ayn’s Venus 2000. The ride begins and it is so amazing and so intense. Mistress Ayn controls this machine like a Formula One driver controls their car. i am brought to the edge many times and then pulled back . . . “

What followed was aftercare and a lovely dinner where we caught up and then discussed the session – our favorite parts, his greatest fears and the future of his training.  Long term relationships with subs that are willing to let their Mistress lead are a win-win situation.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Drag Queens, Faux Queens and everything in between

I had the opportunity to attend a truly amazing event last weekend.  It was a private affair, but the entire time I was there, I kept thinking how much My sissies would have enjoyed the event.  Hosted by My good friend (and partner in many a crime) Onyx Love, the event had performances by local faux queens and featured an appearance by the one and only Coco Peru.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.  By the way, I came to the conclusion that blond is not My color.

Medical Fetish – What’s the allure?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing to the doctor is usually not a pleasant experience for most people, but it is a place where even the most dominant can feel a bit vulnerable and out of control.  you are stripped down while those around you remain dressed and very much in charge.  If you are lucky you have an attractive nurse or doctor, but things can get a bit embarrassing if you get excited.  So if you think about it, sexualizing the medical experience is only natural.  In fact, most if not all, men and women, have fantasized about a sexy nurse or doctor “taking advantage” of the situation and doing something naughty that you just can’t say “no” to.

I think medical fetish is a natural for FemDom sessions.  It’s an ideal vehicle to facilitate the power exchange and I tend to have great fun with it in session and on film.  Strapping you to the GYN medical table and having My way with you is delightful.  Oh, the things I can do while you are in My care . . .

“I had to beg to be allowed to discharge the enema. Finally she permitted this. All the time she was watching me.”

“When I came out and back on the table, she bound me more tightly and brought up an ominous looking machine. She connected a hose from it to a tube placed over my penis.”

“It was a great medical session. Nurse Ayn combined just the right combination of strictness and sensuousness.”

To read the full review, click here.

“Dr. Ayn walked to the head of the table placing a blindfold over my eyes and a ball gag in my mouth. The current began to flow, alternating between the electrodes.”

“The sensation was delicious and I was surprised how the intensity changed as the sound was near my cock head. “You must be enjoying it because your cock is hard as a rock”, says Dr. Ayn.”

“After removing the inflatable dildo Doctor stepped between my legs and began the treatment. She urged me on saying,”take it, take it, take all of it for me”. I guess this is what the “doctor is in” really meant.”

To read the full review, click here.

Some of the many activities and equipment that can be used to create a medical scene:

  • Ass play – dilators, speculum, dildos, inflatables, etc.
  • Cock and ball torment – stretching, sensitivity testing, electro, needles – the list is almost limitless
  • Bondage – strapped to an exam table or in a straight jacket, as examples
  • Electro – a wide range of attachments can be used to “treat” cock, balls, nipples, anus, etc.
  • Enemas – sensual, medicinal and punishment types
  • Penis and clitoris pumps
  • Prostate stimulation, milking
  • Nipple play/torture – clamps, suckers, needles, etc.
  • Shaving – generally the pubic area or nipple area
  • Urethral sounds and other penile insertions

Medical play also lends itself well to MindFuck type play such as gender transformations and castrations.  The diversity of possibilities in a medical scene makes Medical Fetish one of My favorites.  So, if you are in the mood to see a diabolical doctor for a very sensitive issue, just make an appointment.  Dr. Ayn is in.

For more information about Mistress Ayn and to complete an application, click here.  

Maybe it’s time you had a check up. – Dr. Ayn


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