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Training a sissy slut – A new review on The Buzz.

Mistress Ayn and LynnSissies require all sorts of training.  They need to be taught how to apply makeup, how to dress like a sissy, how to walk with some grace and they need their little sissy holes trained too.  Chastity is also a good training option for your sissy, because we all know how much sissies like to play with their little clitties.

In a recent session, a sissy slut that had been away for a while was subjected to various forms of training – including reminding her that her balls were completely worthless pieces of equipment and that her little slut hole needed to be prepared for proper use.

“The idea was to stretch my sissy pussy. Mistress told me to hold it in while she stepped away for a moment, but I let it slide out. When She saw what had happened, she spit in my face and slapped me, a moment of degradation that got me in the proper frame of mind for the rest of our session. Minutes later, Mistress replaced the dilator with one that delivered an electric pulse to my sensitive opening, and that really got my attention.she placed suction cups on my nipples to increase the blood flow and sensitivity. Then She removed her gorgeous black leather shoe and placed it over my nose and mouth, her delicious scent, and Her powerful pheromones, flooding my brain as the electricity continued to shock my sissy pussy . . . 

Mistress then had me sit up while She spoke with me about my future. She noticed my tiny, flaccid cock and told me that the long-term chastity she required of me would make my thing atrophy and shrink, so it would be nothing more than a clit. We discussed female hormones, which within weeks would ensure I would never have an erection again . . .”

To read the subs full accounting, visit The Buzz.


Poll Results on Favorite Genre of Videos

Last month I posted a poll on My fan site, AynRules.com, asking members to vote for their favorite type of video clips and what they want to see more of.  Here are the results:


AynRules Poll Results

Strap on and multiple Domme scenes came as no shock, but the CBT and Hypno categories were a bit of a surprise.  Looks like I will be making more of those.

Foot Lust – A treat for foot fetishists

Are you a foot fetishist? Do you stare at women’s feet and long to see them without their shoes? Do you fantasize about touching, smelling, even kissing and licking feet?  If the answer is “YES”, then you have a lust for feet and foot lust is for you.

Foot Lust

Find it here in My Clips Store.

In this POV clip I tease you about staring at My feet and legs all day, then I give you what you have been wanting – almost. Slowly I take one black pump off and let it dangle for a bit before I remove it and give you a glimpse of My perfect stocking encased foot. I hold the foot to your nose and let you inhale its divine fragrance. Eventually I teasingly take off one stocking and tell you to imagine how it would feel to have My feet dominate your cock – pressing it into the carpet until you begged to stop or continue.  The ultimate tease and denial POV for the foot fetishist.

A DC foot slut learns his proper place – session review on The Hang

Mistress ayn Foot worshipWashington, DC has become one of My favorite venues.  There is a reason:  the subs are well behaved (obviously well trained by DC Mistresses) and in general they are a whole lot of fun.  As a Mistress that thoroughly enjoys what I do, I don’t compromise on the fun and I don’t take sessions I don’t think I will enjoy.  That’s generally a win, win situation – but in this case, it almost caused a session not to happen.  Thankfully this little foot slut didn’t succum to the “brush off” and appealed to My sense of adventure – he even had Julie Simone singing his praises – so I agreed to meet.  What resulted was a delightful session from beginning to end.  Moral of the story: persistence (and a whole lot of flattery) often pays.

Excerpt from the session review on Max Fisch’s The Hang:

“Mistress Ayn communicates very clearly, and She creates quite a precious moment based on what you share with Her. Time with Her is not simulated, and Mistress Ayn is in total control the moment you encounter Her presence, yet you will feel quite comfortable as if it is entirely natural to serve Her. i was completely entranced by Her beauty, the exquisite care of Her apparel demonstrating Her art of seduction and authority, and the words that She used during o/Our entire session and all i wanted to do was worship and please Mistress Ayn. 

This being o/Our first encounter, Mistress Ayn took Her time to properly inspect the new piece of slave flesh presented before Her. Mistress had me strip, so that i was at my most vulnerable and feeble state, and kneel in the center of the room. She made sure to circle around like a Lioness toying with Her prey and inspected just about every inch of me; commenting on what qualities had potential and what displeased Her. Mistress made it quite clear, that it was a privilege to be before Her . . . 

Mistress cultured me on the proper way to serve, holding Her feet accordingly so that the natural effects of gravity would never make her uncomfortable. Then She instructed me to not just kiss and suck, but to appreciate the lovely privilege She was allowing. To slowly admire, sniff, inhale and truly adore the embrace of Her divine feet. Mistress Ayn recognized that i could kiss and worship Her feet for hours, and She surprisingly found use for my insignificant slave mouth and was kind enough to remind me that perhaps i wasn’t completely useless to Her.”

Read the complete review on Max Fisch

Foot worship and fetishism – Bow at My feet. It’s a good place to start.

Mistress Ayn foot fetishFoot worship and foot/shoe/boot/stocking fetishism are one of the most common kinks associated with BDSM and particularly Female Dominance. The naked slave bowing before his leather clad Mistress’s foot is a classic representation of FemDom. Although not every submissive has a foot fetish and not every Domme enjoys having Her toes sucked, there is something basic and compelling about it. Maybe it’s that iconic image. Who knows for sure, but Nylonzine asked Me to try and shed some light on the practice of foot worship in professional domination. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

NZ:  How do you view foot fetishism in your role as a professional Dominatrix?

MA:  Foot, stocking and shoe fetishes are among a long list of kinks that I enjoy, but I think there is something core in the worship of a woman’s feet when it comes to the Domme/sub relationship. Respectful worship is a big part of FemDom and professional domination in particular. Honoring the part that grounds us and is the lowest part of us is a good way for a sub to embrace his servitude and submission. Paying homage to our feet is basic, simple and pure.

In professional domination, time is a commodity, so you want to be able to get the client in the submissive headspace as soon as possible. My regular subs engage in a ritual upon entering the Dungeon. They have certain preparations and tasks they must complete and this ends with kneeling at My feet, kissing My boot and remaining there, head bowed over my foot, until they are given the next instruction. Even subs that aren’t particularly into feet find the process prepares them mentally for the time we are about to spend together. Kissing the boot is a greeting and a show of willingness to submit.

Beyond that, feet and shoes can play a big part in seemingly unrelated scenes. Cock and ball torment is one. I love mashing balls with the bottom of My shoe or ball busting with My bare feet. Making a sub worship the boot or foot that is about to torment or tease him is particularly satisfying to both parties.

NZ:  What are some other ways you incorporate feet and stockings into your sessions?

MA:  The possibilities are endless. Trampling is an obvious one. I once did a yoga pose on a subs face. I had to do it sans stockings to keep from slipping. It’s one of those moments you wish you had on film. He sucked My toes after and we were both a bit amazed I was able to do it.

I use stockings all the time. Pantyhose encasement and bondage is an obvious example. One of My favorite indulgences is sensory deprivation. I like to take off a stocking and hold it to the subs nose. He can’t see or hear anything so his sense of smell is heightened. I love quietly holding the stocking about an inch away from his nose and waiting for his nostrils to flair in recognition. Stockings of course, make good gags too.

Stockings can also play a big part in a subs specific fantasy. Maybe he has dreamed of having the sexy teacher that he remembers from 6th grade dominate him. Or maybe he wants a female co-worker or employee to turn the tables. A huge percentage of the time, stockings or pantyhose are part of that fantasy. Men are very visual, so their requests tend to be specific: nude stockings, lace top thigh highs, panty hose with sparkles, fishnets. I have heard it all.

MistressAyn-8NZ:  As a ProDomme, do you have a most memorable foot fetish experience?

MA:  The extremes tend to be the most memorable in anything and two sessions come to mind. One was a crazy trampling scene that I did with one of my sister Dommes from Atlanta Dungeon. The sub was extremely fit physically. He wanted us to trample him bare foot at the same time, which in itself is not a huge deal. Petra weighs 100 pounds soaking wet and I weight 120, but he wanted us to treat him like a human trampoline and he used his muscles to help propel us. One of us would jump on his stomach and the other on his chest. He would contract his stomach muscles push one of us up and then his chest would puff out to push the other up. We got into a rhythm and several times we were going about two feet in the air. We all got a work out that day and I laughed so hard that my sides were sore the next day. Pure fun.

The other scene that comes to mind was a straight shoe fetish session. The sub asked to be allowed to clean my extensive shoe collection. I brought two suitcases full of shoes. I think there were close 20 pairs. I sat on a stool in the center of the room with the shoes laid out neatly all around me. He would methodically clean the soles of each shoe while I described the activities that had taken place the last time I had worn that particular shoe. Of course it ranged from filthy to sexy. When he would complete the cleaning of a pair, he would then put them on me and then start on another. The expression on his face while he licked those shoes clean can only be described as nirvana.

To see the full spread and read the article in it entirety:

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