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A poem for Mistress Ayn

warrenI was contacted by a submissive who wanted Me to take over control of his cock.  It was a simple enough request.  I would call him anytime, day or night, and ask if My cock was hard.  If it wasn’t he had to take the necessary measures to make sure it was standing at attention for Me.  I agreed to take on the responsibility of clyde’s cock, but I added a stipulation – clyde wasn’t allowed to ejaculate.  Hmmm . . . hard cock, held chaste for Me.  I love it.

After about 2 weeks of this, poor clyde was in agony, so we scheduled a session.  I decided to ratchet things up a bit the day of his session.  (That’s a big surprise, right?)  He was instructed to wear tight thong underwear that would effectively strap the phone to his cock and balls.  The phone was put on vibrate and for the next 24 hours, I tortured clyde’s cock remotely.  From the wee hours of the morning through the business meetings he had the next day – I was ruthless.

One of clyde’s many tasks over the preceding two weeks was to write Me a poem.  He presented Me with the poem at our session and I made him read it to Me aloud.  What I had expected was a glorified limerick.  What he gave Me was 3 page manifesto.  So I teased him while he read to Me by calling the phone that was still strapped to his cock.  By now his cock was so sensitive that we would jump and dance around while it rang.  What a site!  Poor clyde in his tight little black thong, jumping around while trying to read his ode to Me.  The vision still brings a smile to My face.

The photo to the right is a picture of clyde’s poem.  It is a little crinkled because I used it to clean the pre-cum off his cock during the session.  Clyde was a very messy boy.




CBT (cock and ball torture) – make it hurt so good

I just had a NiteFlirt session where I had a sub torment his own cock and balls.  He got hard while we were chatting and he asked if I would let him go to the bathroom and cum.  (He was at the office at the time – so much for work productivity.)  I agreed, but only if he would punish his cock and balls a bit first.  I had him take a rubber band from his desk and then sent  him into a bathroom stall where he was instructed to bind his balls with the rubber band and then scratch and slap them a bit.  He was made to continue playing with himself until he issued a little pre-cum, and then he was instructed to eat it.  By this time, he is throbbing and begging to cum.  “No”, I say.  “Slap that cock hard and get it under control.”  I could hear the slaps and groans through the phone.  The begging and the slapping went on for a while and I finally had mercy and allowed him to cum – but he had to slap his balls at the same time.  The resulting groan was almost deafening

It was fun.  We both had a good time.  But nothing compares to My having My slender fingers around those tender dangly bits.  I like tying the balls off and wrapping the cord over and over until the balls are stretched away from the body.   They are so much more vulnerable that way.  Then I like to scratch, rub, thump, slap . . .  anything that takes your breath away.  That’s the warm up, now it’s time to really get down to business.  Clamps, weights, electrical, sounds – the list of indignities I can make your pathetic cock and balls submit to are almost endless.


To see how brutal I can be on just the right type of cock, see this clip – Extreme CBT – Destroy his cock and balls.


So, if you think you are up to it, schedule a CBT session with Me – live or on NiteFlirt.  I can be gentle, but I probably won’t be.

FAQ #16 – How do I get to know you better before we session?

One of the best ways to get a feel for what it is like to session with Me is to read My many reviews.  Reading reviews allows you to live sessions vicariously through other subs eyes.  your interests may not always mesh perfectly, but with enough reading, you should be able to determine if we are compatible.

If you want to take things to the next level, talk to Me.  I have a NiteFlirt line set up just for casual conversation so we can discuss your kinks, experiences, limits, etc.  If you want to get a feel for what it’s like to actually be under My control, call one of My session lines and let’s do a phone session.  It’s often a challenge to randomly find Me on NiteFlirt, so feel free to email Me to set a specific date/time to talk.  If you don’t want to set up a NiteFlirt account, ask Me about arranging a direct call.

Mistress Ayn NiteFlirt


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