Isolation RoomIt’s a gritty hole of a space. Concrete floors, cinder block walls – and no one can hear your screams – at least no one that cares. It’s the perfect room for an interrogation scene, a little alone time with your own imagination or a magnificent MindFuck. I have used it for all of those things. Most recently Mistress Ultra Violet and I filmed a segment of a multi-part clip that involves reprogramming a corporate thug. Strung up against the rubber covered wall, We tortured his cock while We made him confess all his sins against Women. It was the perfect place to really get his attention.

In the past I have used the room for water boarding, electro torture, heavy beat downs and of course, isolation and abandonment. Imagine being blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location. The engine stops and you feel two sets of hands pull you from the car and lead you . . . where? The blindfold comes off and you are momentarily blinded by the bright light. As your eyes adjust you see chains hanging from the wall and ceiling. There is a a toilet and a basin. Is it a prison? Is it hell? What comes next? Are you left alone with your own imagination to drive you crazy or are you confronted by one or more Dommes demanding information? Are these your new “living quarters” while you learn to properly serve a Mistress? The possibilities are numerous.

So, no, it’s not Club Med, but if you are looking for the feel of a real lock up or a real Dungeon, the Isolation Room might just be the right spot for you. Book your stay now.