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FAQ #25 – What is predicament bondage?

Oh, how diabolical it is!  Predicament bondage consists of putting a person in a position offering limited movement and positions shifts, but each of those shifts has a consequence.  Planning this type of play can really get the creative juices flowing and the reward for the top is non-stop entertainment.

Here are two examples:

#1 The nipples are clamped and each clamp is tied off to a big toe.  If the sub is standing he would be made to stoop to keep the pressure off this nipples.  If he tries to stand straight or moves too quickly, the nipples get a jerk.  Having My slave perform tasks while in this predicament can be amusing.  This also works laying down.  The sub is made to keep his feet perpendicular and a nipple clamp is tied to each toe.  If he relaxes his feet, he tugs on the nipples.

#2 The cock and balls are securely tied and then tied off to the subs collar.  If laying down, he has to curl up to keep the pressure off his balls.  If he relaxes he increases the pressure on the cock and balls.  He won’t be able to stay in either position for long and must keep shifting from one uncomfortable position to another.

Predicament bondage can be tons of fun for the Top and Her bottom and thinking up new predicaments is half the fun,

FAQ #24 – What is the deal with enema play?

ds22m4_edited-1 (2)Enema play is one of My favorite forms of play.  It is so versatile and can range from subtle to severe.  It can be humiliating – or not.  I have used enema play to clean out sissies for man pussy training.  I have used them purely for torture – a little added pain during CBT, for example.  I have used enemas to give the lowly, weak male an idea of what We Women go through monthly.  Menstrual cramps are such a bitch and I think every man should have an idea of what they feel like.  That would probably put an end to all the PMS jokes.

Enemas are also useful for degradation.  Not being in control of your own bodily functions and/or having a Mistress present when you are finally allowed to relieve yourself can be a very debasing experience.  As a slave, being able to endure an enema without soiling yourself and then presenting yourself to your Mistress cleaner and more humble than when you arrived, can be a sweet achievement.

So, although enemas do not have a place in every BDSM scene, they do have a place in specific types of scenes.  I have seen lots of wary looks when the enema bag came out for the first time in session.  Now a lot of those same subs look forward to the cleansing routine.

Click here for more about enema sessions.  Visit Max Fisch for a full review of an enema session.

FAQ #23 – Is it necessary to have my session in a real Dungeon?

Atlanta DungeonI am often asked if I do outcalls and the answer is “NO”.  To Me, nothing compares to a session in a real, fully equipped dungeon.  I session in hotels when I travel out of necessity, but you can’t have a St. Andrew’s Cross or a spanking bench in a hotel room.  It’s not only about the equipment, it is the whole atmosphere.  For a submissive, knowing that you have walked into the lair of a Dominant Woman is akin to walking into the lair of a Lioness.  It fills you with awe and fear  . . . and it should.

In the fully equipped Atlanta Dungeon I have a medical room, a main dungeon room, an isolation room (scream as loud as you like) an small domestic/reception area and a sissy/confinement room, so I can choose the best atmosphere for the planned session.

A real dungeon is where I am in My element.  That is where I belong and that is where you should submit.


FAQ #22 – What is Medical Play or Medical Fetish?

MIstress AynMedical play can cover a wide swath of BDSM activities and it really depends on the players interests as to how the scene plays out.  A medical scene can range from a sexy exam where a naughty nurse takes advantage of a patient, to harder core scenes like torture and mock castrations.  If you have ever fantasized about a hot nurse or doctor using their medical skills to dominate you, then medical play might be of interest.

Some of the many activities and equipment that can be used to create a medical scene:

  • Ass play – dilators, speculum, dildos, inflatables, etc.
  • Cock and ball torment – stretching, sensitivity testing, electro, needles – the list is almost limitless
  • Bondage – strapped to an exam table or in a straight jacket, as examples
  • Electro – a wide range of attachments can be used to “treat” cock, balls, nipples, anus, etc.
  • Enemas – sensual, medicinal and punishment types
  • Penis and clitoris pumps
  • Prostate stimulation, milking
  • Nipple play/torture – clamps, suckers, needles, etc.
  • Shaving – generally the pubic area or nipple area
  • Urethral sounds and other penile insertions

Medical play also lends itself well to MindFuck type play such as gender transformations and castrations.  The diversity of possibilities in a medical scene makes Medical Fetish one of My favorites.  So, if you are in the mood to see a diabolical doctor for a very sensitive issue, just make an appointment.  Dr. Ayn is in.

Click here to set an appointment.

FAQ #21 – Why is aftercare important in BDSM play?

Ayn and stone

Aftercare is the “come down” part of a BDSM session.  It is important because the flood of endorphins caused by play often cause a rush or natural high that can lead to a subsequent crash if not properly addressed.  What aftercare consists of and how long it lasts will depend on the intensity of the session and your relationship with the submissive.

I always like to spend time with My submissives to help bring them down softly.  I tend to be nurturing after sessions, especially intense ones.  Soft strokes and soft words are My hallmark in post session interactions. It is important that the sub knows you are okay with him and his behavior during play.  I also advise My submissives to treat themselves kindly for at least the rest of the day and try to avoid stress and confrontations immediately after a BDSM play.

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