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Poem from a Facebook fan

I received this little rhyme on Facebook and just had to share.  I am not a FinDom, but this poor slave makes a good argument for keeping Me in gifts . . .


Bow your heads down where they belong
Look at Ayn Rules’s legs so lovely and long
Covered in nylon – you want to feel
Get on the floor and start to kneel
This is where us men should be
Looking no higher than her knee
Now on your knees with your head dipped
There is only one Lady that should be worshipped
This is a Lady who should not be missed
Now buy her something off her wishlist
Ayn Rules should not be without
So pay her money, any amount
How much to send, start to think
Ayn Rules should have something
Buy her clothes or even shoes
Something Ayn Rules can always use
You wank off to her pictures at your will
So why not pay her telephone bill
Worship her near or by far
Chip in together and buy her a car
Look at Ayn Rules with eyes so brown
Come on gents, now don’t let her down !

slave ken

All those pesky acronyms and abbreviations in BDSM

bus-1241459_1920For some reason kinksters love their acronyms.  Maybe it’s the need to be discrete in front of others or maybe it’s the geek in us wanting to have a secret lingo that only the “in crowd” understands.  Whatever the reason it can get cumbersome at times.  I remember a Domme texting Me once asking what NT meant.  A sub had listed his kinks in acronyms and she was drawing a blank on that one.  When I replied, “nipple torture”, she did the proverbial face palm.  Of course she knew what NT meant, but with all these to remember (plus subs occasionally make up their own) it can be difficult to recall them sometimes.

Recently on Twitter I announced that I was about to see a particular sub and listed the day’s menu in hashtag acronyms.  When he arrived at the dungeon he said he had been worrying all day what #SOT meant.  I pulled out My strap on and he got it – in more ways than one.

Below is a list some of the most common abbreviations used in Female Domination:

AB – Adult Baby
ATM – Ass to Mouth
BBW – Big Beautiful Woman
BDSM – Bondage & Discipline (BD) Dominance & submission (Ds) Sadism & Masochism (SM)
CBB – Cock and Ball Bondage
CBT – Cock and Ball Torture
CD – Crossdresser
CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male
CP – Corporal Punishment
Cuck – Cuckold
D/s – Dominant/submissive
FEMDOM – Female Domination
FT or FTT – Full Toilet or Full Toilet Training
GS – Golden Shower
NT – Nipple Torture
OTK – Over The Knee
RACK – Risk Aware Consensual Kink
SPH – Small Penis Humiliation
SOT – Strap On Training
SOW – Strap On Worship
SSC – Safe Sane Consensual
TPE – Total Power Exchange
TS – Trans Sexual
WS – Water Sports

Your Theratrix


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