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Chronicles of a chastity slave – v.1

l1“I like my boys to wear pink panties,” Mistress Ayn said. Eugene trembled on unsteady knees, desperately trying to keep his balance. “Put your legs together”, the Mistress said simply.

With practiced fingers, Mistress Ayn slipped a pair of women’s panties up Eugene’s thighs. The feeling of silk brushing across his naked flesh was at once both wonderfully teasing and terribly emasculating. It felt almost as if the lovely Domme were diapering a helpless child. Eugene shuddered at the thought, but he was no longer soft. Mistress Ayn took notice.

“You’re hard now, aren’t you boy?” Her tone was mocking. “Your so called manhood belongs to me now. You understand that, don’t you?” Eugene could not respond, but Mistress Ann understood the slave’s silence.

FAQ #18 – How is humiliation used in a BDSM or D/s session?

Mistress Ayn & Switch GiannaFirst of all, there is a big difference in erotic humiliation and ordinary humiliation. In BDSM we use erotic humiliation to press a subs buttons and the end effect is to make them feel naughty and aroused. Calling someone, fat, stupid, old, etc, is usually not part of erotic humiliation and won’t elicit the desired effect.

Each person is unique and I recommend that humiliation be used gingerly with a new play partner. One person’s turn on is another’s turn off and humiliation scenes, like all other scenes should be well negotiated. Some men are very turned on when a Female Dominant pronounces their penis too small for proper sex with a woman – and their little peckers get rock hard at the idea of being evaluated and judged in this way. For others, it’s a buzz kill, so it’s important to know what turns your sub on and what areas are off limits.

Examples of humiliation used in Domme/sub sessions are:

  • Verbal humiliation – name calling, beratement, racial slurs, mockery, etc.
  • Forced feminization – as simple as being made to wear panties to full female transformations
  • Animal play – forced to wear a leash, drink from a dog bowl, etc.
  • Public display – embarrassing public acts or displays
  • Cum eating
  • Ass worship / foot worship – some see this as a reward, others feel degraded by it
  • Cuckolding – combination of verbal insults about manhood and degrading acts
  • Objectification – treated as unimportant – being used as a foot stool, as an example
  • Forced masturbation/orgasm
  • Enemas
  • Spanking – yes, for some getting a simple spanking is humiliating

As you can see from this non-exhaustive list, erotic humiliation is a very diverse and personalized form of play. Humiliation can push buttons psychologically that send a sub deeper into subspace or send them reeling in raw emotion, so know your sub well, make sure safe words are in place and pay very close attention to your subs reactions to everything you hurl at them.

A DC foot slut learns his proper place – session review on The Hang

Mistress ayn Foot worshipWashington, DC has become one of My favorite venues.  There is a reason:  the subs are well behaved (obviously well trained by DC Mistresses) and in general they are a whole lot of fun.  As a Mistress that thoroughly enjoys what I do, I don’t compromise on the fun and I don’t take sessions I don’t think I will enjoy.  That’s generally a win, win situation – but in this case, it almost caused a session not to happen.  Thankfully this little foot slut didn’t succum to the “brush off” and appealed to My sense of adventure – he even had Julie Simone singing his praises – so I agreed to meet.  What resulted was a delightful session from beginning to end.  Moral of the story: persistence (and a whole lot of flattery) often pays.

Excerpt from the session review on Max Fisch’s The Hang:

“Mistress Ayn communicates very clearly, and She creates quite a precious moment based on what you share with Her. Time with Her is not simulated, and Mistress Ayn is in total control the moment you encounter Her presence, yet you will feel quite comfortable as if it is entirely natural to serve Her. i was completely entranced by Her beauty, the exquisite care of Her apparel demonstrating Her art of seduction and authority, and the words that She used during o/Our entire session and all i wanted to do was worship and please Mistress Ayn. 

This being o/Our first encounter, Mistress Ayn took Her time to properly inspect the new piece of slave flesh presented before Her. Mistress had me strip, so that i was at my most vulnerable and feeble state, and kneel in the center of the room. She made sure to circle around like a Lioness toying with Her prey and inspected just about every inch of me; commenting on what qualities had potential and what displeased Her. Mistress made it quite clear, that it was a privilege to be before Her . . . 

Mistress cultured me on the proper way to serve, holding Her feet accordingly so that the natural effects of gravity would never make her uncomfortable. Then She instructed me to not just kiss and suck, but to appreciate the lovely privilege She was allowing. To slowly admire, sniff, inhale and truly adore the embrace of Her divine feet. Mistress Ayn recognized that i could kiss and worship Her feet for hours, and She surprisingly found use for my insignificant slave mouth and was kind enough to remind me that perhaps i wasn’t completely useless to Her.”

Read the complete review on Max Fisch

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