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A corporal enthusiast gets all he can handle


” To me a mistress meets expectations when she successfully makes me half regret for ever asking for a spanking.”  


I think most spankos and corporal enthusiasts can relate with this statement. In fact, just replace the word spanking for most any kink and it will probably hold true for most purists and kinksters.  Submitting to a Mistress should be one part excitement and one part dread.  It’s craving to hurt so good or longing to be humiliated to the point of tears and laughter.  It’s elegant irony and a beautiful paradox.  Don’t try to understand it.  Just enjoy the mystery of the ride.

More excerpts from the TER review by slverling123:

“I was a little hesitant because there were some other mistresses with lower prices. But she proved she was worth it. . . . [She]was responsive and clear with every subsequent email leading to the session unlike most other providers I have been in touch with. . . . Mistress Ayn was seductive, in character the whole time and pushed me to the limit . . . The next 35 minutes could have been summarized as the most intense spanking in my life.  Before even getting to the cane, she already made me squirm with the strap. To me a mistress meets expectations when she successfully makes me half regret for ever asking for a spanking. Mistress Ayn delivered . . . “

Read the entire review on TER.  Membership required to see the “Juicy Details”.

FemDom with a slave girl. A Review of My newest kitten – Ria Rocket

aynriaapt10gfsmall-2Sometimes adding a submissive little slave girl to the mix is just the right spice to liven up a long term D/s relationship.  One of My most loyal subjects schedules just such a session from time to time.  Here is his review of his latest with My newest kitten, Ria Rocket.

“Last week I was watching videos from Mistress Ayn’s fansite, aynrules.com when She introduced Her latest kitten, Ria Rocket. Didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted another Cougar and Kitten session. . .

Ria is a petite, adorable kitten standing five feet tall and weighing in about 95 pounds with beautiful dark eyes that are almost hypnotic. . . .  Mistress Ayn’s kittens are notorious for getting session mates in trouble. Sure enough Mistress walked in and caught us exploring each other.

Ria knelt in front of me just out of reach and I was given permission to TRY to touch her nipples to distract me while an anal probe was inserted. Of course, being strapped to the bench made it almost impossible to reach Ria. Smiling that patented “I’ve got you now” smile, Mistress turned up the juice causing me to jerk forward reaching Ria’s nipples. Ria immediately let Mistress know I had succeeded in my quest causing a sharp increase in current not to mention a leather strap across by butt(told you Ria was naughty). Ria orgasms from pain very easily. Ria was moved even closer and I was instructed to “nip” her nipples making her orgasm. Mistress decided to punish Ria again for having an orgasm without permission. Now it was my turn to spank her. I started out gently but Mistress would have none of that. “Harder, paddles. I want that butt red right now”. “Yes, Mistress”, I replied quickly increasing the tempo and severity of my spanks.

Way too soon it was time for the grand finale. Neither of us had any idea what was coming but we quickly followed instructions. Ria on her back with me straddling her. The rest of the details must remain a mystery for the three of us to remember. Be careful what you ask for; you will get it in spades.”

This review appears on Max Fisch, The Hang.

New POV clips on the way

Ayn Rules Productions just wrapped up filming a series of POV FemDom clips in multiple categories including strapon, cuckold fantasy, spanking and JOI.  To whet your appetite, view the photo gallery of screen captures and watch the trailer of one of My favorites from the shoot.  If you are not already a member, join AynRules.com today so you don’t miss a minute of the fun.



Two days of FemDom – A new review on Max Fisch

Mistress AynThe following is an excerpt from a review on Max Fisch:

“Because of the distance I had to travel, I requested a two day session of 4 & 5 hours a day. We agreed on the days and time to meet. After two wonderful sessions, all I can say is the bar has been re-raised to a level that few, if anyone else could ever measure up to. 

Mistress Ayn replied and asked me to be in chastity when I arrive at the Dungeon. She was dressed in a corset that I had sent ahead as a thank you gift, and thigh high boots. She looked just beautiful. I presented Mistress Ayn with a few gifts and the key to the chastity device. I was instructed to change out of my clothes and report back to her in the Dungeon, which by the way is incredibly well appointed with fantastic gear and furniture. 

We established our “safe words” and got started. I am not the kind to give detailed reports of everything that took place. I like that to be a private matter between my Mistress and I. I will say, I wanted my limits tested and they were. I discovered that I am a “Slut” (Mistress Ayn’s words) for Pain, Electrics, Corporal and anything else She threw at me, including her Strap On (another first for me). I loved every minute of all of it. 

Mistress Ayn has a way and a presence, with her occasional soft touch, soft words, and encouragement that just puts you in a state of mind I can’t explain, but leaves you grateful for the experience. Wow!! The end of our first day, I was placed back in chastity and was to remain as such until our next meeting later the following day. Of course Mistress Ayn kept the key. 

That night, while sleeping the device popped off. OUCH!! I emailed Mistress Ayn the next morning and explained what happened. She replied” it happens sometimes” and seemed OK with that. After I arrived at the Dungeon, I was told to disrobe and we immediately got to business. Not a word was ever said about it again. Well without the protection of the chastity device, my little buddy and his two pals were fair game. Needless to say they got roughed up a bit which I found out later, via social media, was my punishment for not remaining in chastity. 

If you haven’t already guessed, I had the absolute best time of my life. Finding Mistress Ayn is like finding the needle in the haystack. I’m sure you would agree and I plan many more visits.” 

To read the full review, visit Max Fisch.

Poll Results on Favorite Genre of Videos

Last month I posted a poll on My fan site, AynRules.com, asking members to vote for their favorite type of video clips and what they want to see more of.  Here are the results:


AynRules Poll Results

Strap on and multiple Domme scenes came as no shock, but the CBT and Hypno categories were a bit of a surprise.  Looks like I will be making more of those.

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