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“It must have been your Venus 2000” – Session re-cap from a long term sub

Mistress AynI love recaps of sessions provided by subs, especially those that are articulate.  They provide Me with the details as the sub saw, felt, experienced it – from the other side, if you will. Subz is particularly diligent with his recaps and sometimes I find it appropriate to share his experiences with others.  (With his permission of course.)  Below is a recap of his most recent session.

“Another recap. A truly great session with the best of Mistresses… 

It’s been a while since i have felt the full stroke of Your flogger on my back and i’d forgotten the impact You can administer with it. Alternating with Your soft touch, i slipped quickly into subspace and could have hung there all day although my back wouldn’t have held up much longer. You so rightly knew turning me to the other side would be more fun for You and once clamped down in the stock, helplessly exposed, i found myself wishing for a little more flogging instead. Well as they say, ‘watch out what you wish for’, Your flogging arrived again but it was not on my back as wished for and there was nothing i could do but watch –  totally at Your mercy! When the ball gag appeared – Hello! i trembled and knew the Piper was about to extract Her pay . . . there is usually a reason for the gag, things are going up a notch. Thankfully the stock did move a little or my parts may have stretched too far in their failed attempt to retreat. Always the professional, knowing how to bring Your sub so close to the edge, which brings to mind the unbelievable feeling when You applied ‘first aid’ to Your throbbing tenderized toy in the stock, . . . a most intense mix of pleasure with pain. 

The scene then shifted to the unexpected yet again, a new realm, leaving me with no idea where it might lead but so deep in subspace i could only obey.  A hood, ear phones, blindfold, and immobilized on the rack for re-programming? The tape was really excellent, taking me deeper still with Your seducing voice, . . . captivated i became unaware of what was going on with the rest of my body. Until slowly You returned that awareness, with what i’ll never know, but random teasing seemed to be connect exactly with sounds and i let myself go into the experience totally. It must have been Your V2000 that finally caused such an explosion which left me completely drained. Don’t remember much after that but evidently i made it home.”

It’s amazing sometimes what the most memorable moments of a session were to the sub – or what parts he doesn’t remember at all.   I love playing with subz.  There is a trust between us that only comes from long term play.  His recaps always put a smile on My face and keep Me anticipating the next time I will have him at My mercy.

The Doctor is in – a routine exam takes a kinky turn

Mistress Ayn medical fetishFeeling a bit under the weather?  Low on energy?  Feeling a little backed up?  Maybe it’s time for a trip to the “Doctor” – but beware, this Doctor has Her Own agenda and you might end up getting some real “treatment”.   That’s what happened to one sub.  Read an excerpt from his review on Max Fisch’s The Hang.

“The doctor quickly checked the usual things listening to my chest and heart. Finding nothing unusual I was told to lie back on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. Ah ha, maybe no prostate exam today. I’m liking this Doctor. Then I heard the dreaded snap of gloves . . .

Electrodes were connected to my cock, balls and taint. Finally an anal probe was lubed and inserted. This was going to be an electrifying experience. Dr. Ayn walked to the head of the table placing a blindfold over my eyes and a ball gag in my mouth. The current began to flow, alternating between the electrodes. Increasing the current Dr. Ayn says, “let’s see how much you can take” as I squirmed against the restraints.

Sometime later the blindfold was removed so I could see Doctor lube up a medium size sound . . .   Then an electrode pad was placed on the shaft of the sound and reinserted  . . .  “You must be enjoying it because your cock is hard as a rock”, says Dr. Ayn.  . . . When she returned I could see what the last treatment would be.”

To read the full review, visit Max Fisch.

Introducing Kink 101 Educational Video Series

Kink 101 is an ongoing series of educational BDSM videos meant to inform and instruct the curious in the art of BDSM, FemDom and the Domme/sub relationship.  The series currently focuses on the more basic questions and issues associated with BDSM.  More complex topics will be addressed as the series matures.  All non-explicit videos will posted on Youtube.  Videos that are not appropriate for Youtube will be available on My subscription fansite,  Have a question or want a topic discussed, just let Me know by emailing:

Know when a new video topic is available by subscribing to My Youtube channel.

Current videos:

Double and triple sessions available with Mistress Ultra Violet and Goddess Samantha.

“If less is more, then imagine how much more “more” would be.” – Borrowed from The Frasier Crane Show

I know that this is not for the faint of heart, but it’s such a treat to session with My two favorite Mistress – and we are all three in town for the next two weeks . . . so who among you has the “balls” to schedule a double or even a triple with Me and one of these fantastic Dommes?  Come on.  Try to entertain Us and let Us blow your mind.

For those that have not sessioned with Us, here are Our mutual interests:

  • Body Worship – Respectful feet, legs and ass
  • Bondage – from the light to the extreme
  • CBT (Cock and ball torment)
  • Corporal Punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, whips, etc.
  • Electro torture/stimulation (ErosTek) – experience a two unit session.
  • Face sitting and smothering
  • Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
  • Foot Fetish – including boot and shoe worship
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Medical Play – including naughty exams, sounds, enema play, stretching
  • Needle play – by Mistress Ultra Violet
  • Nipple torture
  • Scissor holds – by Goddess Samantha
  • Strap on Worship / Training
  • Tease and Denial
  • Toilet training – golden only
  • Trampling
  • Sensory deprivation/sensory overload
  • Wax play
  • Wrestling – with Goddess Samantha
  • Venus 2000 – tease and denial and forced O – My exclusive unit

Things We are NOT interested in are full toilet (hardsports), blood play, adult baby or intimate sexual contact.

I have been sessioning and filming with both Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ultra Violet for several years.  We enjoy each others company and play well off each other in session.  Experience it for yourself.   Tribute for a double session is $400 per hour.  Triples are $550 per hour.  Sessions of over 2 hours will require a minimal deposit to secure.  If you have not sessioned with one of Us before, complete an Application to apply.  

Sessions are generally available from 2pm to 8pm M-F.

Our schedules fill quickly, so email Me now to schedule –

Reviews of some of our double/triple sessions:

With Goddess Samantha

With Ultra Violet

With Goddess Samantha and Ultra Violet

Fur Dominatrix

On set with Syren Productions – filming “Whipped by Fur Divas”


Thank you Charlotte!

Mistress Ayn 3Charlotte is now in My rear view mirror, but I wanted to say “Thank you” to all of you that made it such a wonderful trip.  I hit town at the onset of a heatwave and it just got hotter.  A loyal sub from Washington, DC made the trip down and filmed with Me and Syren Productions.  We made a good many clips together and some are very unique content, so look for that in the pipeline at and Clips4Sale.

Then the sessions began:  I played personal trainer and dietitian (with special motivation techniques) to a foot slave that wanted to lose a few pounds.  He hit his goal.  Some newbies were broken in and some cherries were taken.  I always love that.  Regulars also continued their training and it ran the gamut from kinky medical, sissy training, CBT, role-playing – and facial abuse – yes, you read that right.  Look for a video with some of that too.

So, all in all, it was a very productive trip and I look forward to returning in October.

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