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Double ballbusting session with Simone Kross

02aI hadn’t seen Mistress Simone Kross in several years, so I was super excited to hear that she would be visiting Atlanta – and of course I wanted to set up some doubles while she was in town.  We kicked off her visit with a ballbusting session with a sub neither she nor I had sessioned with before.  He expressed his doubts that he could last the entire hour. so we plotted to make sure he did . . .

What follows is a review he wrote of the session on The Buzz:

“It’s been two days since I had an intense Ballbusting session with Mistress Ayn and Mistress Simone.  My nuts are still mushy and tender, and I’m still riding an emotional endorphin high!  This was my first Double Dom session, and hopefully it won’t be my last.  These beautiful ladies overwhelmed me to the point that I didn’t know where to expect the next strike.  I experienced kicks, knees, punches, slaps, and all sorts of grabbing, squeezing, pulling, punching, slapping, and twisting of my manhood.
Their witty banter and laughing was genuine and they obviously enjoyed themselves.  They enthusiastically fed off each other and increased the pace of the session with unscripted play.  They took me to my limits of endurance, and just slightly past my limits.  They both knew when to give me a quick breather, and when to push on.  They were fantastic!!  I received their undivided attention for the entire session, and time flew by.  Both Mistresses were professional, fun, and at times brutal.  I highly recommend visiting the Atlanta Dungeon before Mistress Simone’s visit ends.  I’ll definitely be back the next time she and Mistress Ayn are together.”

Posted by Luigi77

I agree that an opportunity to session with the Legendary Simone Kross is an experience that should not be missed.  She is pursuing a music career and not often available for sessions these days, so follow her on social media to keep abreast of her travel plans.

Her next visit to Atlanta will be announced here:  Simone Kross at Atlanta Dungeon

Follow her on twitter: @simonekross

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A Double Dose – Session review of a double with Goddess Samantha

Samantha and AynThere is a reason why so many subs fantasize about a double Domme session.  When the chemistry is there and everything clicks – it’s pure awesomeness.

Excerpt from a recent review that appeared on Max Fisch:

“I have sessioned with Goddess Samantha on two previous occasions and have come away totally spent. But I still have fantasized about two dominatrix’s doing there thing with me. Mistress Ayn is another gorgeous dominatrix at the Atlanta Dungeon that I was struck by. So I inquired with the Goddess Samantha if she liked to do doubles with The Mistress. I was informed that she loved doubles with the Mistress, and they had great chemistry together. So I set up a double session with the both of them. And found out the hard way that they are absolutely great together with great chemistry. They feed on each others sadistic streak. Finally the day had come to do this double, everything was ready.

. . .  After the flogging, came the smacks across my ass, Goddess had the left cheek and Mistress had the right cheek, I was instructed to call out ether Goddess or Mistress according to which side I felt the smack. Faster and faster harder and harder, if I called out incorrectly I would receive an unbelievably hard crack across my ass for my mistake. I got plenty of those.

While Goddess continued to redden my back side, Mistress began the CBT from the front, this was becoming a mind overload . . .

I could hear Mistress conversing with Goddess “Oh look how hard his balls are under all that weight” said Mistress, the both of them talking and joking over my predicament. I could tell these two really are enjoying what they do. This added a degree of humiliation to the scene as well. The whole time Goddess was working over my chest like a dominatrix with a vengeance. This became sensory overload and continued for some time.

. . . . Then I was sharply guided by the rope still attached to my balls over to the bondage table, and quickly secured hand and foot by both Goddess and Mistress. I again could hear Goddess and Mistress conversing and having a laugh over my next fate.

Soon the Mistress was attaching stick on contacts for a tens unit around my dick and nut sack while Goddess was setting up the tens controller. They tested the tens by how high I jumped when Mistress turned up the power. I was jumping pretty high when Mistress asked “what setting do you think that was (1 to 10)” I guessed a 7 or 8 “oh no that was a 2” said Mistress, and the power increases exponentially “now don’t yell too loud because this unit will increase power by the amount of noise present” Then Mistress gave the control a good crank I about came off the table, that unit was really rattling my balls. Again and again Goddess and Mistress laughing loudly causing the energy to hit me harder and harder. I tried in vain to scream softly so as to not add to the volume . . .

Goddess noticed that limit coming on and decided to give me a real treat, climbed up on the bondage table and lowered that gorgeous ass on my face really hard, controlling my breath. Mistress then started asking me questions so when I would answer Goddess would squat down on my face hard and shut me up. Mistress really enjoyed that.

Time for the Golden Shower . . .   I was soaked from top of my head to my chest” Oh Potty face” said Mistress, then asked Goddess should we allow him to take a shower. Worried me for a moment but was then allowed to wash up. my nipples were bruised blue and my dick so sore from the energy of that tens I could barely hold it to take a leak.

Many thanks Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn for giving me a double dose session, what I ask for, just the way I like it.

To read this review in its entirety, visit Max Fisch.


Pushing Limits – Review of a 4 hour session

MistressAyn-19Someone once told Me that they thought real sessions began about the 2 hour mark – anything else was a waste of time.  With some subs that is true.  It takes time for them to ease into their submissive mode and reach the subspace they seek.  The poster of this review has never had less than a 3 hour session with Me.  Many have been 5 hours, 6 hours and even overnight.  He and I share a vast amount of interests and he can really take a lot, so I look forward to these extended sessions and use them to steadily push his limits.

Here are some excerpts from his latest review.  The entire review can be found Max Fisch’s The Hang.

“In my communications with Mistress Ayn prior to our date, I requested a four hour “Intense” session. Well be careful what you ask for. Mistress pays attention to your every word.

When I arrived at the Dungeon, Mistress was dressed to KILL in sexy heels, latex leggings, latex corset, and top. Absolutely Gorgeous . I happened to bring along a few gifts for Her upcoming Birthday and a Latex Metallic Red Blazer. She put the Blazer on and you’ve never seen a more Beautiful Mistress. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Her.

Now down to business. Four hours of “Intense” business.

. . . I have very few Hard Limits. One of them is Ball Busting. I expressed a curiosity in the past to explore this and Mistress Ayn obviously remembered.  I was about to get my first lesson. She began with the heavy flogger. Easy at first, then slowly increasing the intensity. She then proceeded to knee and kick them. I’m sure we’ll expand on that experience in future sessions, but it was exciting to try. Next Mistress tied up my balls and proceeded to add, I have no idea how many, clothes pins (large and small) to my balls, shaft, and corona. While they did their work, She turned Her attention back to my nipples with that Nasty Nasty little cane. Between beating my nipples with that and trying to slap off the clips down below with it, the wrist cuffs on the cross was the only thing holding me up.

 We retreated to the Medical Room so She could began preparing me. I was placed into a red bra and laid down on the Gyno Chair. I was strapped in tight, wrists secured, legs in the stirrups. Mistress slipped a device under the bra over my nipples. This device grabs and twists the nipples under power. Next a series of dilators were used to begin stretching my ass. Finally, an inflatable butt plug was added. An inflatable gag was strapped on next. Mistress wanted all my holes filled, so with that, out came the sounding rods . . . 

Satisfied with Her prep work, I was released from the Gyno Chair, implements were removed and we went back into the Dungeon. I was placed back on my knees and my wrists were cuffed behind my back. Mistress Ayn appeared before me donning Her Strap On. She instructed me to suck her cock before She Fucked My Face. Humiliated and helpless, I did as She asked. Next I was ordered on to the Spanking Bench. Wrists and Legs strapped down, collar hooked to the bench with no room to move, balls tied, stretched and secured to the bench.

I had a custom signature paddle made for Mistress Ayn. It was time to break it in. After more blows than I counted, I can honestly say, it was VERY effective. Add to that the fact that I could not move due to the restraints…very intense . . . 

 . . . During this time She reached down to my incredibly sore nipples and began to pinch them again. Call it sub space or whatever, but I told Her “Harder”, and boy did She respond to that request….Her strap on was replaced with a prostate toy. Mistress Ayn then went from one nipple to the other, back and forth applying pressure and whispering in my ear “Say It”, to which I would reply “Harder” It was such an amazing high . . .

 Next She selected a Dragon Tail and really went to work on my back like never before. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, She paused and whispered “I’m going to push you to the edge”, and proceeded with another more intense flurry while just saying “Take It”. Mistress Ayn paused again, leaned in and said “Say It” To which I responded “Harder”,  And it was!! This went on for several more flurries. When it was over, every part of my body was shaking. Mistress Ayn stayed close and with a soft hand and voice, talked me back down to earth.  But my ordeal was far from over. . .

She is an Amazing Mistress. I’m so proud to be in Her company. Love Her.”

Read the full review here.

Turn your head and cough – A review on TER

aandv2GFsmRole plays can be so much fun and I can really throw Myself into a good set up.  I believe in staying in character the whole time (not just using a role play as a set up and then having it deteriorate into a normal session), so I love it when the sub can stay in character too – and this sub did a remarkable job of that.  What ensued was a whole lot of fun and as a result, he got a passing grade on his medical exam and was able to land the job of his dreams.

The entire review can be seen on The Erotic Review.  Membership required.


Super professional and easy to be comfortable with, Mistress Ayn and I set up a role play that started before I arrived. From the moment I walked in until I left, we both were in character. She owned it and owned me. Her website is accurate and complete. Exactly as her pictures portray. Hourglass figure. No spare flesh, stacked. A body to worship. She is superbly professional, yet playful.

The Juicy Details:

I had to go get this exam as part of a new job. My company wanted to insure me and needed me to undergo some tests. Right from the start I knew something wasn’t… normal.  I was expecting Lab Corp but found was led to a house in Buckhead. The foyer of the office was small with a table and some strange equipment. Once I handed over the paperwork, I was led to a small restroom and told to strip. The medical staff wouldn’t even give me a robe.

I didn’t think I was at the right place, but they assured me I was. Once I got on the exam table, the doctor admonished me a bit because I had a hard on. She said it was OK, but that it was appropriate. She gave me a long talk about how the company had entrusted her to do this exams for years. She was the final say as to whether I got the job or not, but could assure me that if I did what she asked I would get the job. At some point during this speech, she removed her lab coat and I was speechless. That body. That outfit. I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying, but I soon realized I had been restrained to the exam table and the doctor was preparing a probe. But first there was a sensitivity test.

Over the next 2 hours, I was probed and tested in many ways. I just kept in mind that if the doctor was happy, I would get the job. She had some weird ways of being happy, but at one point she was abusing me and I think she had an orgasm. I knew I’d get the job then, but she quickly made sure I knew who was in charge.

If you read her website, it has everything else you need to know. Basics? You’ll get release, but she’ll make you pay for it. She is a complete professional and role played for 2 hours. Stunning woman. Have fun!

A corporal enthusiast gets all he can handle


” To me a mistress meets expectations when she successfully makes me half regret for ever asking for a spanking.”  


I think most spankos and corporal enthusiasts can relate with this statement. In fact, just replace the word spanking for most any kink and it will probably hold true for most purists and kinksters.  Submitting to a Mistress should be one part excitement and one part dread.  It’s craving to hurt so good or longing to be humiliated to the point of tears and laughter.  It’s elegant irony and a beautiful paradox.  Don’t try to understand it.  Just enjoy the mystery of the ride.

More excerpts from the TER review by slverling123:

“I was a little hesitant because there were some other mistresses with lower prices. But she proved she was worth it. . . . [She]was responsive and clear with every subsequent email leading to the session unlike most other providers I have been in touch with. . . . Mistress Ayn was seductive, in character the whole time and pushed me to the limit . . . The next 35 minutes could have been summarized as the most intense spanking in my life.  Before even getting to the cane, she already made me squirm with the strap. To me a mistress meets expectations when she successfully makes me half regret for ever asking for a spanking. Mistress Ayn delivered . . . “

Read the entire review on TER.  Membership required to see the “Juicy Details”.

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