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Chronicles of a chastity slave – v3

The sound of a something being dragged across the dungeon floor filled Eugene’s ears, frightening the kneeling, semi-nude submissive. Wild thoughts filled the slave’s head. What could it be? A Saint Andrew’s Cross? A Pillory? Something Worse? Eugene shuddered.

“We need to talk about your sentence,” Mistress Ayn said as She drew up a chair. Mistress Ayn sat. “Your chastity pleases Me, slave.”

Eugene literally blushed with happiness, a faint pink glow spreading across the skin of his naked body. The smiling Domme reached down and, between Her thumb and forefinger, gingerly took hold of the slave’s testicles, his most delicate and vulnerable of parts, now tightly ensconced like plump grapes against the tight fabric of the pink, silken panties.

“These belong to Me now.” Mistress Ayn gently squeezed the tender manfruit She had picked, as if to emphasize the import of Her words. “Do you understand, Eugene?” the Mistress queried. The kneeling slave nodded weakly in the affirmative. “Good,” Mistress Ayn said. “Because your sentence of chastity may very well last long beyond this session. In fact, it will be until I decide otherwise.” Mistress Ayn squeezed harder. “Your sentence could be weeks, or months or even years.”

The lovely Domme squeezed once again, harder still. Eugene’s thoughts were clear. His desire to remain celibate for Mistress Ayn, to please Her in that way, constituted a form of subtle psychological control far stronger and more efficacious than any type of simple metal lock known to man. Or Woman.

FemDom Sessions in Washington, DC February 19th – 21st

I’ve got the Nation’s Captial in My sights again and I plan to have it.  I will be invading the city on February 19th – 21st.  My schedule is usually full before I arrive, so book now to secure My attention.

For those that have not sessioned with Me, here are My interests:

  • Body Worship – Respectful feet, legs and ass
    Bondage – from the light to the extreme
    CBT (Cock and ball torment)
    Corporal Punishment – bare hand, OTK, hairbrush, floggers, paddles, crops, canes, whips, etc.
    Electro torture/stimulation (ErosTek)
    Face sitting and smothering (clothed)
    Feminization – from pantying to makeup and lingerie
    Foot Fetish – including boot and shoe worship – I have an extensive shoe collection and requests in advance are entertained.
    Humiliation and degradation
    Medical Play – including naughty exams, urethral sounds, enema play, stretching, toy play
    Nipple torture
    Strap on Worship / Training
    Tease and Denial
    Toilet training – golden only
    Sensory deprivation/sensory overload
    Wax play
    Venus 2000 – tease and denial and forced O

Things I am NOT interested in are full toilet (hardsports), blood play, adult baby or intimate sexual contact.

Most any other fetish can be accommodated, but if you are looking for something special, ask now before the packing is done. I will be hosting in a suite in an upscale hotel convenient to the Metro. The space is ideal for domestic scenes and a variety of role plays. I will be bringing a vast assortment of BDSM equipment for CBT, corporal, medical play, bondage, etc – along with the Eros Tek and Venus 2000.

When traveling I conduct sessions daily from noon until 10pm. I prefer email contact and an application is required for subs I have not sessioned with previously. My schedule in DC always fills quickly and openings are at a premium. If we have not sessioned together before, a reference from a well known Domme or a deposit will be required.

Click here to Complete an Application

Reviews from DC sessions:

“It is easy to be intimidated by Mistress Ayn if you are a vanilla couple looking for some extra fun. Her website is impressive and features all kinds of devices that look scary to the uninitiated. But do not let that deter you. For a couple looking to explore a new experience she is the perfect Mistress. She puts you immediately at ease and is willing to listen and explore your ideas.” – Read Full Review on The Mistress Review.

“If she so desired, Mistress Ayn could spit roast you just by herself. I think I would describe this as Wicked and Wild. Her imagination is unlimited.” – Read Full Review on Max Fisch’s The Hang.

“Each time we visit with her, the intensity level seems to increase. I can’t wait to see what she has planned next time. Her mind is truly devious and diabolical.” – Read Full Review on Max Fisch’s The Hang.

“She creates quite a precious moment based on what you share with Her. Time with Her is not simulated, and Mistress Ayn is in total control the moment you encounter Her presence, yet you will feel quite comfortable as if it is entirely natural to serve Her.” – Read Full Review on Max Fisch’s The Hang.

“This was my first session with Mistress Ayn and her insight and skills enabled her to push all my buttons. I am not a newbie but I feel re-energized by Mistress Ayn. She is both beautiful and sensual but perhaps her best asset is her ability to create a fantastic mind fuck. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you book time with her.” Read Full Review on Max Fisch’s The Hang.

Chronicles of a chastity slave – v2

Mistress Ayn had never thought much of Eugene.  He was middle-aged, submissive, pale and soft.  At the moment he knelt feebly in a profile of sharp relief to the glorious picture presented by the Mistress.  Whereas Ayn was beautiful, radiant, in black heels and stockings, pearls and chemise, Eugene shivered, nude, upon the dungeon floor. Only his continued practice of complete chastity pleased the Domme.

“Lick,” Mistress Ayn commanded.  Her voice was at once calm and strong.  Eugene did as he was instructed, the tip of his tongue softly caressing the instep of Mistress Ayn’s proffered foot.  At once, Eugene felt the tight pull of fingers in his hair.  He winced in pain and Mistress Ayn smiled.

“Lick” came the order again. Eugene struggled to maintain his balance there upon his knees. Mistress Ayn had seen fit to make two “arrangements” before the session.  One was to simply cuff Eugene’s hands behind his back.  The other was to tie a single white ribbon around his cock, marking him.

“Have you been wearing your underwear as we talked about?” Mistress Ayn queried.

Eugene nodded his head gently, “Yes.”

It was a simple but effective method of control.  Every time Eugene lowered his trousers or simply felt the silkiness of the panties, he was reminded that his manhood, in fact, belonged to Mistress Ayn.

Filming custom clips the week of January 15th.

Mistress Ayn

This week I will be filming with Syren Productions and the amazing Ladies of Atlanta Dungeon.  If you have been wanting a custom clip with Me and one or more of the Atlanta Dungeon Dommes, now is your chance.

Here is how it works:

Have you been fantasizing about the perfect BDSM/fetish scene? A scenario that you can relive anytime you want? Now you can have it by commissioning a custom video. Tell Me your fantasy and I will make it real. If approved we will produce your scene and send it directly to you.  It will later be added to our archives for other subs to purchase and enjoy.

Prices are estimates and could change dramatically based on the complexity and length of the scene.

POVs start at $200

Scene with a male sub – starts at $250

Each additional Female sub or Mistress – starts at an additional $100

Send inquiries with brief details of your scene to

Don’t delay.  Customs take planning so contact Me now if you want to make this happen,

FAQ #25 – What is predicament bondage?

Oh, how diabolical it is!  Predicament bondage consists of putting a person in a position offering limited movement and positions shifts, but each of those shifts has a consequence.  Planning this type of play can really get the creative juices flowing and the reward for the top is non-stop entertainment.

Here are two examples:

#1 The nipples are clamped and each clamp is tied off to a big toe.  If the sub is standing he would be made to stoop to keep the pressure off this nipples.  If he tries to stand straight or moves too quickly, the nipples get a jerk.  Having My slave perform tasks while in this predicament can be amusing.  This also works laying down.  The sub is made to keep his feet perpendicular and a nipple clamp is tied to each toe.  If he relaxes his feet, he tugs on the nipples.

#2 The cock and balls are securely tied and then tied off to the subs collar.  If laying down, he has to curl up to keep the pressure off his balls.  If he relaxes he increases the pressure on the cock and balls.  He won’t be able to stay in either position for long and must keep shifting from one uncomfortable position to another.

Predicament bondage can be tons of fun for the Top and Her bottom and thinking up new predicaments is half the fun,

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