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Scent training in BDSM slave training

Mistress Ayn's pantiesRecently a sub emailed Me the following question: “If you reward an erection with a strong nipple pinch, soon a nipple pinch will cause an erection for him whenever you want. Does this work?” My answer was, “possibly depending on the sub and other factors”. What is described here is conditioning and anchoring. Eventually the sub should associate the two events interchangeably – so it is possible to get a Pavlovian response.

This question started Me thinking about other types of associations and training. It is said that scent is actually the strongest sense for recall, so it is only natural that scent training can be a powerful tool in slave training. Since each human has their own slightly unique scent, it makes for some interesting possibilities. Because of this, I never wear perfume. I want My natural scent to fill the slaves nostrils.

I am an up close and personal Domme. I invade your personal space in session and I want you to be able to smell Me. My hair, My skin, My breath – all of Me. By enveloping you in My scent, it allows Me to get you where I want you mentally, faster in subsequent sessions.

Panty sniffing can be effective and amusing, too. Of course, most sluts enjoy smelling their Mistress’s essence and what a marvelous tool for training. I have sent subs home with a pair of My worn panties and instructed them to only masturbate while inhaling My scent. It doesn’t take long for just the faintest sent of Me to cause a throbbing erection. This of course, facilitates in the subs training. Imagine now, that he is in chastity while sniffing those panties. Simply put a pair of worn panties under his nose and he becomes quite pliable.

This all just underscores how much like Pavlov’s dogs men really are.

BDSM sessions with the Venus 2000

Venus2000Meet My new toy: The Venus 2000. It’s the stuff of erotica lore. The ultimate male masturbation machine.

Imagine a reality where you are strapped down and hooked up. The Venus 2000 starts working its magic and I am at the controls. I decide your fate. One hand is on the speed regulator and the other holds a champagne flute. I take a sip and use your face as a comfortable place to sit while I watch your torment. Will you be teased until you are begging – not sure if you want Me to continue or stop? Or will I keep you there and see just how much I can extract from you – over and over and over. you will be begging, either way.

In the short time the Venus 2000 has been in My possession, it has already become a hit in the Dungeon. Read these recent reviews of sessions that include the Venus:

“3 eruptions that were uncontrollably drawn from me by the deliciously evil Venus 2000 and the sensual touch of the #1 Dominatrix anywhere sent me to a place that can only be talked about with others that have been there.” –   Read entire review.

“Her latest addition is the Venus 2000. A truly diabolical piece of equipment that will turn you every which way but loose especially if that is what Mistress Ayn desires.” – Read entire review.

So if you think you can hold up to the Venus 2000 and Me – schedule a session. I dare you.

Still curious? Watch the video.

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