The castration complete, Mistress Ayn took a moment to examine her handiwork.

“Much better,” the Domina said to herself. “Now there will be no more rude erections, no more messy ejaculations.”

Almost gently, Mistress Ayn cradled what had been eugine’s manhood in the palm of Her gloved hand. The submissive winced at the Mistress’s touch, streaks of pain shooting through his limp member like fragile strands of a spider web.

“Good boy,” Mistress Ayn whispered. These were the words that eugene longed so much to hear.

“Now you can serve Me in many ways” Mistress Ayn continued. “Purely, simply, without the interference of a hard, dripping cock.” Mistress Ayn stroked the stretched skin of eugene’s former member once again, hurting him but pleasing Her.

“It will be better this way, Mistress Ayn continued. Her voice was filled with the sort of confidence born from years of breaking submissives, bending men to her will.

“Good boy,” Mistress Ayn intoned. “Perhaps someday you will understand how this is really all for the best. For now, let Me explain how you may begin serving Me.”