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Atlanta's most highly reviewed Dominatrix and Mistress.

You have been searching for that special Woman who can tap your deepest, most secret fantasies. You desire someone who is sensual yet firm, controlling but alluring. You need a Woman that is strong enough to bring a resilient man to his knees and make him love every minute of it.  I am that Woman.

I am a demanding Mistress. I find My pleasure in rendering you completely powerless and at My mercy. Mental domination is My specialty but I also take great delight in your physical captivity and vulnerability.

Administering just the right amount of pain heightens both our senses and gives Me indescribable pleasure. Your complete surrender is the only thing that will satisfy Me. You are Mine.

Mistress Ayn, Professional Dominatrix and BDSM Mistress, Atlanta,Georgia

The Erotic Review

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