As some of you know, I attempted to do a Periscope broadcast from the UNCHAINED event but the basement location became an internet nightmare and most of the broadcast was lost.  The official videographer for the event did catch most of the act and you can watch it here on


Ria Rocket, Blake August and I did a choreographed bit to the song “Secret”.  The set up is that Ria kidnaps and brings Me a new sub girl to play with.  Blake proves to be so much fun that I decide to replace Ria with her and in the final scene I remove Ria’s collar and put it on Blake. I then take the ribbon from Blake’s hair and strangle Ria with it.  Most of the photos below are from that performance.  The final photo is Ria, Goddess Samantha and Me giving a boy an much deserved birthday spanking.  Awesome things happen at UNCHAINED.

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